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A Glorious Guide on Mermails

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A Glorious Guide on Mermails Empty A Glorious Guide on Mermails

Post by Tamashii on Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:44 pm

So, with the release of Breakers of Shadow there has been a sort of "revitalization" of one of my all-time favorite decks, Mermails. Now for those who are uncultured plebeians and aren't familiar with the Mermail archetype, here's a brief history:


On November 9th, 2012, Konami released a pack in the TCG known as Abyss Rising. This pack featured all sorts of cards based on the Water attribute and gave rise to the first Mermails. The Mermails are an archetype consisting of level 3, 4, and 7 Water attribute monsters that are either Fish, Sea-Serpent, or Aqua type. For the next few sets, such as Cosmo Blazer and Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, the Mermail deck would grow more and more powerful until they became Tier 1 in competitive play, up until the Dragon Ruler and Prophecy archetypes took hold; they then became Tier 2/1.5.


The Mermails, as I mentioned above, consist of 3 different levels in their arsenal: 3, 4, and 7. As it stands, the main level 3 Mermails have a similar effect in that they special summon another Mermail when they are sent to the Graveyard, allowing for quick and easy swarming tactics.

The level 4 Mermails have a similar effect within their group as well, in that they usually discard another Water monster to trigger various "adding" effects when they are Normal or Special Summoned.
The level 7 Mermails are the real "boss monsters" of the deck; their effects revolve around discarding a certain number of Water monsters from your hand in order to Special Summon themselves from your hand. Afterwards, they have a secondary effect that allows them to search out either the Abyss- Spell and Trap cards or another Water monster.

MAIN CARDS (Strongest to Weakest)


A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130718221031
Mermail Abyssteus: This motherf***er is probably the best level 7 Mermail you will have. He is a staple in this deck at 3. By only discarding ONE Water monster, you get a level 7 2400 DEF wall that adds another Mermail straight to your hand for more plays. He's good overall, so run him at 3.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130802200613
Mermail Abyssmegalo: This 2400 beatstick is the second best level 7 Mermail in the deck--one that should also be run at 3. Back in the day, you would run him at 2 with an Abyssleed as your third, but nowadays the game state is all about control, so now you run him at 3. He only discards 2 Water monsters to summon himself and he's your main searcher for your Abyss- Traps.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20140902150217
Mermail Abysspike: Now we get to the best level 4 in the deck. Abysspike, when he's Normal or Special summoned, lets you ditch a Water monster to add a level 3 Water monster from your deck. Pretty self-explanatory. Run at 3.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20150930001855
Mermail Abysslinde: Abysslinde is going to be your main level 3 of this deck aside from Gunde. However, while she is one of the best Mermails, recently I've taken to only running her at 2 due to lack of room with the other techs that I'll get to later on. However, you can choose to run her at 3 if you want; she just clogs a bit in the hand later on.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130913220844
Mermail Abyssgunde: Abyssgunde is your main discard fodder. Due to her recent release off the banlist, you want to run this girl at 3. When she's discarded as a cost for a Water monster's effect (ANY Water monster), she Special Summons a Mermail from the Graveyard. VERY good.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20141119142454
Abyss-sphere: This is your main trap of the deck. It summons a Mermail from your deck but pops it at your opponent's End Phase. Use this at the end of their Main Phase to summon Linde; when Sphere pops Linde, her effect triggers. Run at 3.


A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130704165531
Mermail Abyssleed: Back in the day you would run this guy at 1 with Megalo at 2 due to him being the strongest level 7 Mermail in the deck. However, his effect is mediocre and he requires 3 to discard in order to Special Summon him; he was normally used to be summoned by Abyss-sphere or Linde. But nowadays, you don't have to run him at all.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130720215907
Mermail Abyssturge: Again, back in the day he was run at 1, maybe 2, with Abysspike as his ally. His discard effect allowed him to recycle your Gundes and Lindes back to your hand, but nowadays you really don't need him. Run at 1 if anything.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20140904211849
Mermail Abyssocea: Now personally I loved this card. When Gunde got limited back in the day, Mermails had to switch from their usual Rank 7 spam tactics and add in a little flare to their arsenal. This is where Abyssocea came in; her effect, if you had a level 7 Mermail, herself, and a level 4 on the field, would allow you to tribute the level 7 to bring out another level 3 and 4 and go into the Bahamut combo. That's where you would go into Bahamut Shark and Mechquipped Angineer and spam Rank 3 Waters from the Extra Deck while also being protected. Nowadays, however, with Gunde back at 3, she's not really needed although if you want to run her, do it at 1.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130730134028
Abyss-Squall: This trap, to me, is very good. However, you should only run it at 1. It makes for some good defensive plays if you're trapped, and allows you to get another summon if you use Linde with it during your opponent's turn. During your turn, you can summon back your level 7s and make a quick Rank 7 XYZ play.


THE REST OF THE DAMN GROUP. If you look up the Mermails on DN or Devpro and find any of them with different names than I mentioned above, do NOT run them as they are highly inconsistent or have effects that just don't work with the deck itself. Abyssnose has to destroy a monster by battle to discard for his effect, which is way too slow. Abysshilde summons from the hand when she's sent to the grave, but you already have enough of that. Mander and Lung are just useless, and Dine misses her timing.


Now, I'm sure you're thinking to yourself that these cards are great and all, but they seem too slow without proper help and suffer against backrow. Well, here's the thing: They had help. Around the same time that these guys came out, there was a structure deck released called "Realm of the Sea Emperor" which released the Atlantean archetype. The Atlanteans were Sea-Serpents ranging from levels 2 to 4 and revolved around being discarded as a cost to trigger their effects. With the release of Breakers of Shadow, however, they received the STRONGEST Atlantean monster that helped revitalize the Mermails as a whole.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20160111100733
Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince: This card is absolutely insane. Being a level 1, he can be summoned out by cards like One for One. When he's discarded to use a Water monster's effect, he brings back another Atlantean monster from your Graveyard, and while he's on the field, he ditches an Atlantean FROM THE DECK as a cost (triggering that monster's effect) and searches ANOTHER ONE to your hand. This card is a staple at 3. ALWAYS RUN AT 3.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20140122233837
Atlantean Dragoons: This card was so good it got limited, but now it's Semi-Limited. His main effect allows all level 3 or lower Sea-Serpents to attack directly but no one cares--it's his sent effect, which allows you to search out another Sea-Serpent to your hand. Run at 2.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130630171521
Atlantean Heavy Infantry: This card is good for many reasons. For one, when he's sent to the grave he pops any face-up card your opponent controls. His other effect makes him good to switch up the deck's play style by giving you another Normal Summon for any level 4 or lower Sea-Serpent; you usually use this effect for Deep Sea Diva or Marksman. Run at 2.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20130914091502
Atlantean Marksman: Remember when I said this deck might fall to backrow? This guy prevents that. When he's sent as a cost, he pops any set card your opponent controls. His other effect is really good also, since you can summon him back with Neptabyss when the opponent's board is cleared by the amount of spamming you'll be doing, and when he does battle damage you instantly get another Atlantean to the field aside from himself to do even more damage. I run him at 3, but depending on your backrow removal you can run him at 2.


These are cards you should/could run in the deck to help boost it a bit.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20131026020617
Deep Sea Diva: Not only is she a tuner, but her effect lets you summon Heavy Infantry, Marksman, or Neptabyss from your deck. If you normal summon her with Infantry's effect, you can bring out some very powerful Synchros.

A Glorious Guide on Mermails Latest?cb=20150827212419
One for One: This card, I found, is very useful now that Neptabyss is a thing. It allows you to summon him straight from the deck and continue your plays.

Now these cards are only in the main deck. For the Extra deck it's pretty simple--run Rank 3's, 4's and 7's. The best Rank 7's to run are Dracossack, Big Eye, Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon, and the Mermail boss monster Abyssgaios. For Rank 4s, Abyss Dweller, Bahamut Shark, Cowboy, 101 and Castel. If you choose to run Instant Fusion as well, run Norden (obviously) and if you run Deep Sea Diva, run Dewloran, Gungnir, and Trishula.

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