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Academy Rules Empty Academy Rules

Post by Lunarnox on Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:13 pm

Rules and Punishment Guide

Minor Infractions
One will receive up to three strikes for breaking these rules; Verbal Warning, Kick the Chatbox and finally 30 minute ban from the Chatbox. These strikes reset upon each new day. Exceptions may apply.

Spamming the Chatbox: This includes but is not limited to:  Posting a link multiple times while it is still visible in chat without need to scroll up, sending one word at a time, any form of "chat breaking" text, and large images (use spoilers, or better yet, simply post the link.)

Excessive Cussing.

Do not Minimod: If you are not staff, it is  not your job to act as if you are staff. If you have a problem, please  contact a staff member.

Do not abuse formatting: (Bold, Underline, Strike through)

Intermediate Infractions
Punishments varies. Exceptions may apply.

Do not Troll: ie, purposefully trying to provoke a reaction from members. Members who are trolling will receive a verbal warning, then a kick followed by a 24 ban from the chatbox.
Strikes reset each day unless under exceptional circumstances.

No Advertising without permission:
Doing so will be grounds for immediate 24 hour forum ban.
Strikes do not reset. Further offenses after the second may potentially lead to a permaban.

Do not Harass members: If a member asks you to stop doing something to them do so. You may not think what you are doing is offensive but they might still find it to be.
Warning, Kick, 1-3 day ban.
Strikes reset each day unless under exceptional circumstances.

No multiple accounts: Upon first offense you will receive a verbal warning and one account will be deleted (Member choice.) Further offenses will lead to an IP ban. Use of an alternate account to avoid a ban results in immediate IP ban.

Spamming Forums: Necro posting, posting anything irrelevant to a topic, one word posts, double posting, flooding latest topics, ie responding to every single topic for the sake of having more posts etc will be given a single warning and all spam posts deleted, further infractions will have posting permissions revoked as well as dorm loss and loss of ladder points with time duration increase with each subsequent offense.

Severe Infractions
Breaking of these rules will result in an immediate ban without exception and cannot be appealed. Length of ban is dependent on the offense.

Do not post explicit materials: No linking or posting of pornographic and/or other graphic materials. Discussions of these topics may be allowed but will be under the discretion of online staff to issue a warning if the discussion becomes too graphic. Posting of such material will result in an immediate and permanent IP ban. No Exceptions.

Do not fabricate false evidence:
This includes falsifying a screenshot and/or lying to a staff member with intent to get another member banned. 24 hour forum ban.

Rules Regarding Staff Reports Reports against staff members must contain irrefutable proof the staff member did something wrong, including screenshots of the wrong doing, proof that you did not deserve the punishment received as well as quotes and references to any and all relevant Rules and recent and relevant warnings. If a report lacks adequate proof and evidence can be provided that this is the case (that the report lacks proof of received warnings) then it can and will be denied outright by any staff member, including the accused. If during the review of the report it is suspected out that evidence was deliberately left out and that claim can be supported by irrefutable evidence, then next to the report being denied the person filing the report will be banned from the forum for seven days. If infractions are found which weren't apparent before, then you will also be punished for those infractions as well as the one you filed the report for. If the same rule is broken multiple times during the same report the highest possible punishment will be given which will depend on the number of infractions of said rule. A person found filing multiple reports lacking proper evidence may find themselves ejected from the academy for any duration ranging from one day to permanent banishment.

General Rules
Staff have authority: Treat them with respect, as we do this on a voluntarily basis.

Members are encouraged to report any breach in rules to a staff member if there are none online at the time of the incident. Such reports will be dealt with accordingly. Note this is not minimoding.

This is an English Speaking Site: If you wish to speak privately with someone who shares your native tongue do so in private chat.

Be considerate and tolerant of others beliefs, customs and things they enjoy.

Rules are not open to Debate.

Show an appropriate degree of respect.

Staff have discretion to  punish any behavior they deem inappropriate, whether or not it's on  this list. If you disagree with a staff's ruling, contact an admin.

Rules are subject to change. Re-read them periodically.

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