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WonderLand: Cana Kasahara

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WonderLand: Cana Kasahara Empty WonderLand: Cana Kasahara

Post by Oshu on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:37 pm

Full name: Cana Kasahara

Gender: female  

Species: half Demon half Wolf

Age: 16 years of age.

Religion: none

Height: 5'3

Weight: 115Lb

Hair color: in face claim

Eye color: in face claim

Face Claim:

Special Traits: she is half demon half wolf with little bits of human but she does not know of this yet. do to her wolf traits she can see heat signatures at will. her vision changes to that of a heat sig camera. she is able to see the heat signatures through walls through walls as well.. do to her father being a werewolf all of her senses are increased extremely she also can see clearly in any kind of darkness. cana herself insent physical weak. though shes dose not have god like physical ability's, she outmatches most average humans. the necklace that cana where's cannot be removed by herself in any which way shape or form. (face-claim of the necklace: )

Personality: shy around new people but opens up when she gets to know you. whenever she fights agence someone, weather it’s a ally or not, she becomes more aggressive and cold, showing little mercy. other than that its not easy to pinpoint her legitimate personality.

The Gift:  

Background: cana is the oldest daughter of Shina kasahara and her husband Cory raen. when cana was young she was very shy around other people that wasn't her mother and father, she didn't talk to anyone when she went to school causing her to not have any friends at all, but her grades are fairly good. she was getting picked on a lot by the other kid's but it didn't bother her much. one day when she was 14 her mother and father came to her room, she was listening to music off her mp3 player when they came in. the mother sat next to cana and handed her what looked like a dagger, she told her to use it to protect yourself and the ones you love if you have to one day, cana took this to heart. she wasn't the strongest as she grew up, her mother didn't want her to go throw training at all but her aunt Cynthia however had other plan's. every other night Cynthia would sneek in cana's room and drag her out of the house, when they had finally gotten out of the house, Cynthia would lead her to a clearing in the middle of the woods that would be perfect for a fight. every time they snuck out they would  spar agence each other without her mother knowing at all. throw this she had gotten stronger and faster, but she somewhat developed a aggressive personality when she fight's during the spar's. one night during one of the spar's she was having with her aunt, she was exposed to the full moon light, her changing into the hell hound known as the black shuck, this didn't shock her aunt one bit, she kind of expected this just because of the fact that she knew her father was a werewolf. she was extremely aggressive after she changed, her speed and strength had increased extremely as well, easily keeping up with her aunt, thow during the spar she did not notice the change at all. after that she didn't change at all during the spar's untill another full moon had came around. when her mother finally found out about the spar's that cana has been having with Cynthia, she wasn't furious she wasn't even mad, she was disappointed slightly, but not with cana. even thow her mother had been trying to stop the spare's Cynthia was always 1 step ahead of her. after many restless night's cana had become on spar with Cynthia out of her transformation that happens during the full moon. one night during one of her spar's her aunt had handed her a necklace that would keep her transformation from coming out every full moon, for as long as she would were this she wouldn't transform. after that the people that picked on her didn't any more, they were more scared of her than anything. even if she managed to stop the bullying she is afraid of using her transformation because she is scared that she might hurt someone she cares about while she's in that form.

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WonderLand: Cana Kasahara Empty Re: WonderLand: Cana Kasahara

Post by Firebreath on Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:53 am

Accepted. Same rules, start with nothing. Gain it later.

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