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Digibugs! Digital Bugs! Digital Bugs are the champions!

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Digibugs! Digital Bugs! Digital Bugs are the champions! Empty Digibugs! Digital Bugs! Digital Bugs are the champions!

Post by necruta Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:13 pm


Digibugs! Digital Bugs! Digital Bugs are the champions! Maxresdefault

Hello everyone, as of lately I've been very interested in a little archetype that came out in shining victories called the digital bugs. This archetype consists of 3 monsters which are all level 3 light insect monsters, 1 field spell and 1 normal trap and a whopping 3 xyz monsters. As you can see from the picture above provided by Konami that is how they think this archetype should be played, but since it's in Japanese and I assume none of you can speak Japanese and that the translation provided by YGOrginization has faded from your mind I'll be explaining how this archetype works and cards that might work well with it. In this guide I'll go over all cards in this little archetype and potentiaal tech cards which can be played in the deck. So let's kick things off with the cards in this archetype.

Archetype description
Digital bugs are an archetype that are focused around xyz summoning and giving additional effects to the monster they are used as xyz material for and thus in that way they are very similar to the Yang Zing archetype which does the same with synchro monsters. However they are much more active compared to them, where as Yang Zings are very floating monsters, Digital bugs are much more of a swarm archetype. Each of their monsters have the effect that when they are switched from attack to defense position they will summon a level 3 insect from a "place" this place can be the hand, deck or graveyard depending on the digital bug. All of their xyz monsters also work with either defense position monsters or monsters changing their battle position.

Digital Bug cards
Digital Bug - Centibit:
This is the first of the digital bugs and the one you tend to want to use in the beginning of the duel seeing how it can summon any level 3 insect monster from your deck which is useful in the beginning of the game but it becomes worse and worse as the game goes on. Although it does not have an effect which allows him to just summon them which makes it harder to utilize his effect as he needs a kickstart from another card. That combined with his "XYZ" effect makes this card an early game card made to start up your plays but not much else, You still will play 3 of this card though because it's potential.

Digital Bug Cocoondensor:
Yes, you read that right. This card can re-summon itself from the graveyard, although in defense mode but that matters little. This card basically will always be life in multiples as long as there is a level 3 insect in your graveyard, even if this is itself. That and it doesn't need a trigger like Centibit needs. That and his "XYZ" effect makes any monster that it was used for an Armades if it attacks a defense monster which always is nice. This card can create some VERY loopy plays which I will elaborate on in a later section. ALWAYS run 3.

Digital Bug - Websolder:
Here is the final Main deck monster of the Digital Bugs, Websolder, this card is quite a good one, it can trigger itself by targeting itself for it's effect but can also use other monsters when it's in defense position through a card effect. It's a shame that Centibit won't be triggered of his effect because of it missing it's activation timing but it is rare of you having those two out with an insect monster in your hand to summon anyway so it's not that bad. Lastly his "XYZ" effect is amazing allowing you to just shift EVERYTHING to defense mode and make their attack 0 setting up for some quick removal especially when used with Centibit to just take out all monsters your opponent controls. Run 2-3 depending on your own judgment.

Bug Matrix:
This card is just plain bad and barely fits the archetype at all, yes it reattaches xyz materials which is nice but it attaches from your hand so using it's effect is an instant neg 1 the boost is negligible never when I had a duel with this deck I had thought "OH, if only I ran or had drawn Bug matrix." Run 0 ever.

Bug Emergency:
This card is a real gem, not just for Digital Bugs but for any deck which plays level 3 insect monsters allowing them 1 card xyz plays or recycle monsters which are important to them. While the second effect I rarely used there have been times where I have been able to pull some fancy plays with it although running 3 might be a bit too difficult because of brick hands 2 is definitely recommended. So run 2-3 at your own discretion.

Digital Bug Scaradiator:
MAN, am I glad this card has a summoning restriction. This card is a rank 3 giant hand which allows itself to grab back it's materials slowly but surely. This card has massive versatility it can stop the effects of a monster which you do not want to go off, it can stop a single attack by changing that monster to defense position or can change a monster to defense position to attack over it since it's attack isn't very high. The fact that it can be summoned by 2 or MORE monsters is a interesting fact allowing you to summon him using multiple Digital Bugs causing all their effects to go off on a single monster which can wipe any monster your opponent controls by battle because their defense is 0, your opponent can't do a thing about the attacks because it's an Armades and can attack all monsters your opponent controls because all of them were turned to defense position and lastly if they aren't pendulum monsters or are banished upon destruction he'll absorb them into himself. All around a GOOD Xyz monster and one of the 2 xyz monsters Digital bugs can go into by themselfs. Run 3.

Digital Bug Corebage:
Our little scarab has digivolved into a beautiful butterfly with devastating effects. More than likely you'll summon this monster through it's rank-up/Digivolve effect than by actually summoning him. It's previous effect of changing a monster to defense position and negating it's effects is put to great use, because now by detaching 1 xyz material it can send that monster back into the deck which is amazing removal for such a low cost. If this wasn't enough, once per turn if a battle position of a monster is changed you can add another material to him from your graveyard and seeing how this deck functions this will happen quite a lot. I recommend running 2-3 depending on your extra deck space.

Digital Bug Rhinocebus:
An disappointing mega level to say the least, while yes it deals piercing damage so does Gaia charger and for him we don't have to detach 2 materials from our beloved Corebage. This had the additional effect of a smashing ground for 1 XYZ material during either players turn but lost it's way to replenish it's own xyz materials so while it's untargetable removal is great it'll be gone quite quickly. I recommende running 0-1 depending on how many Gaia chargers you plan to run.

Support cards
Of course there are cards which support the Digital Bugs which are outside of their archetype or those who support their playstyle in general. So I'll list them here for you guys.

If this card had an effect which allowed it to add Digital bug cards from your graveyard to your hand and had a different name then I wouldn't have seen anyway for it not to completely fit into this archetype. It's a light, level 3 insect which is perfect since then it can summon any of the Digital Bug Xyz monsters and has an effect that allows the xyz monster to deal piercing damage? Sign me up, this card belongs in a Digital Bug deck to easily deal damage though a defense position monster without ranking up a thousand times. Run 1-3 depending on your preference.

Galaxy Worm:
I'm personally not  a huge fan of this card but I understand why people play this card, It's a very easy Scaradiator with just a single normal summon however only when you control no other monsters and seeing how focussed this deck is on swarming the field though the effects of Digital Bugs the only time your field will be completely empty will be on turn 1 and if you're in a losing position which causes you to need more than just a single "empty" scaradiator and you would've been much better off with a Centibit or Cocoondancer instead of this card. If you decide to run it I recommend running 2-3 copies.

A/D changer:
This card will be your "main" trigger to activate Centibit's effect in the early to mid game, while putting this card in the grave might be quite tricky from time to time there certainly are ways to get benefits from this card. When ran run 1-2 at most.

I've seen a lot of people putting this card in their Digital bug decks and while I understand the logic behind it I tend to stray away from it, while yes it automatically triggers your centibit when normal summoned it also puts all your summoned xyz monsters into defense position and thus leaving your with no offense the turn you summon them while that tends to be the turn they have the most impact. However if you want to run it at least run 2 copies.

This card is a simple card it just turns every face-up monster to defense position nothing wrong with it. Although if you’re being stopped by your opponent this card will essentially become a neg 1 if you don’t have centibit on the field. I recommend running 0-1

Curse of Anubis:
This card. THIS CARD. I've got so many horrible memories about this card when I played yugioh in the past but it's a very good fit for the deck. It can trigger Centibit, it can prevent you from dying against an overwhelming field of in certain cases can lock your opponent completely down like a burrowing mirror force can but is chainable on destruction and in your turn you can use it as an offensive move to essentially get the XYZ effect from websolder without having it to be used as an xyz material to REALLY ramp up the xyz materials on your scaradiator. There are similar cards to this one like No entry!! which switches all attack position monsters to defense and zero gravity which changes the battle positions of all face-up monsters but this one is far superior to both. Run 1-3 depending on your preference

Tech cards
Brilliant Fusion:
This card works great in digital bugs, not because it allows you to normal summon twice and while that is a pretty nice effect to have it's the fact that it allows you to dump your A/D changers from your deck into your grave with relative ease allowing you to make turn 1 plays more easily and could even allow you to go into rank 5s more effectively. I recommend running 2-3 depending on your preference.

the Inzektor core 3:
I know this technically is cheating putting an entire archetype in the tech cards section but this archtype works so well with the Digital bugs it's insane while it limits their rank 3 plays a bit it's not that much of a concern when the only xyz you can go into with an inzektor and a Digital bug still isn't /that/ bad. If you plan on mashing the 2 decks together make completely sure that the ratios still are intact. Personally I recommend 2 centipede 1 dragonfly and 1 hornet.

Gaap the Divine Soldier:
While I've constantly pretended that Digital Bugs are balanced and well designed there is 1 fatal flaw in this entire picture, Cocoondenser. This card can revive itself from the graveyard as long as it's in face-up attack position. and look Gaap forces every monster into attack position allowing Cocoondenser to keep reviving itself over and over and over and over again. While that on itself is quite broken when combined with the next card it becomes even more insane if you think about it. Run 0-1 depending on the build.

Toon Cannon Soldier:
When you've got an infinitely recyclable monster, what is better than constantly shooting it at your opponent for game and let them HOPE they have got a veiler or ghost ogre in their hand. Without any the match quickly is over. You tend to pick the toon version over the normal cannon soldier because then you can search it through toon table. Run 0-1 depending on the build.

Extra deck cards
Due to their nature and restrictions Digital bugs tend to be quite limited in terms of what extra deck monsters they can run. So here I'll be listing what monster you could be able to run besides their archetype specific xyz monsters. All these monsters don't have ratios to them because the extra deck is a thing of preference however I highly recommend you running at LEAST 2 Number 20 Giga-Brilliant.

Gem-Knight Seraphinite:
Alright, let's get the easy one out of the way first. It allows you to normal summon an additional time once per turn which is ALWAYS nice but the thing we REALLY want is the ability to dump any light monster from the deck into the graveyard with brilliant fusion. This tends to be an A/D changer but changes from time to time. If you run brilliant fusion run 1, otherwise don't bother.

Number 20 Giga-Brilliant:
It's a light insect monster, allowing you to rank up into Corebage if you run out of scaradiators. It gives a small buff to every monster on your field which is always nice and doesn't have any restrictions on how it needs to be summoned thus allowing you to use non-insect monsters to go with the deck and still have xyz plays which is always nice. As specified before I highly recommend running at least 2 but 1 will do if you don't like it that much.

Inzektor Exa-Stag:
I can hear some of you wondering how you are ever going to summon this card with all the level 3 monsters you have, and while yes it rarely happens that you are able to summon this card it certainly is possible. By banishing a Corebage from your graveyard with the effect of Bug Emergency you are able to make all insect level 3 monsters on your field level 5 monsters allowing you to go into Exa-stag. Exa-stag is an amazing card allowing you to deal with a lot of monsters whether they are on the field or in the graveyard. However due to it being quite hard to bring out I recommend only running 1 at best.

Frozen Lady Justice:
This card is what the rank 7 Digital Bug should have been a mass defense wipe combined with insane high attack if well played and ranked up. This card is very good if you made a 3 material Digital Bug Xyz and then rank up in Corebage and then into Justice to just wipe all their monsters from the field. Yes this leaves her with quite low attack but that can be fixed through various means. If you plan to run her run 1 and not more.

Inzektor Exa-Beetle:
This monster can only be made through the effect of Bug Emergency with Frozen Lady Justice and tends to be quite hard to make, the fact that it can only grab things from the graveyard also is not that helpful compared to Exa-Stag and also is harder to bring out. Run 0 to 1.

Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger:
This is the card you tend to run instead of your “real” boss monster because it’s much easier to summon and almost does the same thing. It makes your low attack Frozen Lady Justices and Exa-Stags into piercing beatsticks which deal piercing damage so that’s always nice. Run 1-2 depending on how many Rhinocebus you run.

Deck Lists

Normal Digital Bug deck:
Digital Bug FTK deck:

Final words
Well that’s about everything I’ve got to say about this archetype and the cards that can be run with them. So I hope you found what you were looking for in this guide and now are able to make a well-functioning Digital Bug deck.

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