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Semi Spell Zone Empty Semi Spell Zone

Post by Valkoor on Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:27 pm

Wow, another article, and only one day later? It's like I actually care about the academy!
Anyway, we'll be looking at another new card from TDIL, this one being a generic field spell. For those of you who haven't seen it, here it is:

Semi Spell Zone:
Semi Spell Zone Ceivjg8XEAE1LkR

Semi Spell Zone
Field Spell Card
Activate this card at only at the start of your Main Phase 1 or Main Phase 2.
(1) During each player’s Main Phase 1, monsters on the field cannot be targeted by, or destroyed by, their controller’s opponent’s card effects.
(2) You cannot activate or Set Field Spell Cards.


This card is, to say the least, interesting. Essentially, it turns everything on the field into a Majespecter monster. There may be some confusion on the wording, so let me clarify:

The first effect will affect both players during both player's turn, meaning that everything becomes a Majespecter. The second effect, only affects the player who controls the field spell, meaning only that player cannot activate field spell cards; their opponent still can.

With that out of the way, we can look at the applications of the card. The most obvious restriction when using it is its necessity to be activate at the start of your Main Phase. This eliminated a good portion of ways you could have abused it. It means that, while you may be protected, it's going to become very difficult to generate your usual pluses from a majority of your monsters. Of course, if your deck doesn't run much monster removal or if your removal that you do run doesn't target nor destroy (Ignister comes to mind), then this card becomes a very efficient, albeit inconsistent, protection tool. And the mention of inconsistency brings me to another point: it cannot be efficiently drawn into or searched. You can't activate things like draw power cards, Terraforming, or the likes to search this card, unless you either search it the turn before and risk your opponent playing around the imminent use of the field spell, or you use lesser draw power cards that come in the forms of trap cards and quick play spell cards, such as Reckless Greed. So basically, it's draw it normally or bust.

The second restriction to take note of is the inability to activate other field spells. This means your opponent will not only most likely also benefit from the card, but it also means that some decks may not be able to run it. Take a deck like Spellbook Prophecy, for example. Their main method of Removal, Spellbook of Fate, neither targets nor destroys, making this card seem like an initially appealing option for the deck. Then, you realize that you can't override it with The Grand Spellbook Tower, and it sudden;y becomes more of a burden than a utility. It also restricts any deck that runs it from using the Chicken Game engine, meaning the card will likely see the most use in heavily aggressive and inherently consistent decks, and even then, probably only in the side deck.

So, in my opinion, the card is decent, but only in the side and only in very select decks that aren't as affected by the heavy restrictions placed on this card. If you have any comments or think I missed anything, leave them in a response below. And, as always, happy dueling! ~

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