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New Brawlhalla Legend Revealed: Monk!

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New Brawlhalla Legend Revealed: Monk! Empty New Brawlhalla Legend Revealed: Monk!

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:34 pm

A new legend has made his way towards Valhalla with an unknown name, but is referred to as Monk! This legend wields gauntlets and spear, a quite welcomed combination! So far, nothing is known about his lore. However, we have gotten sneak peaks at his signatures thanks to leaks from the Brawlhalla Dev Steam last Tuesday.

So far, this is what he looks like:
New Brawlhalla Legend Revealed: Monk! 0b195e4375d4469496d8ef90b09e8dc8

So far, thanks to @Necruta, we are able to get a little guess one his lore based on his two revealed gauntlet signatures:



Judging by these signatures, the lore could be based on the six Chinese elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Wood, Metal, and Earth.

He has sig signatures in total, with two revealed. This means there is the possibility of this theory being correct. What do you guys thinks of him?
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