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Stiesa Vrilth

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Stiesa Vrilth Empty Stiesa Vrilth

Post by Aelin124 on Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:24 pm

Full name: Stiesa Vrilth
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Scourge Aasimar
Height: 5'3
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: White
Eye color: Purely white, there are seemingly no pupils in her eyes. She wears a mask almost all the time. There is a dim glow coming from the eyes of the mask.
Face Claim (Mask) Stiesa Vrilth 0fe084017a4f7555cbe70872377ef25f--nocturne-character-art
Face Claim (No mask): Stiesa Vrilth 928f4fd7dab97b1cc6f013718837a843
Positive character traits: Kindhearted, Determined, and talented with a violin.
Negative character traits: Easily scared, Impressionable, Speaks what she thinks.
Likes: Music, Home-cooked meals, and some nicely brewed tea.
Dislikes: Being called short, When people are late for events, and being told her music is bad with no constructive criticism.
Fears: The looming possibility of someone dropping dead from a mistake of hers, in her music or decision making.
Aspirations: To make herself so good at the violin, there is no chance she could ever hurt someone again with it.
Background story: Stiesa was always labelled a simple wandering Bard in her early life. She traveled everywhere she could, playing in bars...well, anywhere willing to accept some lively violin music. She played for a few years as usual, like every other Bard in the world. She became more well known, a pretty minor crowd even going to where she played purely to listen to her music. Most described her playing as majestic. She quickly began to get better and better at playing. One night during a performance, playing one of her favorites, her finger slipped slightly on a violin chord. Nothing major, and easily went unnoticeable. But she watched as people began standing from their seats, rushing over to a collapsed man. She stopped her violin momentarily, asking around for what had happened. No one knew, no matter who she asked. It was an injury out of thin air. Stiesa shrugged it off, maybe something was wrong mentally with the man, or just passed out from too many drinks. She continued that night, and her little trips from there forward. As she played and played, she slowly began to notice what had happened was not just coincidence. Any time Stiesa messed up, at the simple slip of a finger moving to the wrong string, someone listening to her performance dropped onto the floor. She realized this as time went on, and it began to keep her up at night. She had slowly come to realize she had somehow gained powers, commonly labelled as Inherent. Channeled through the person, and not gifted. She was hurting people with her music. But...with that fact in mind, she remembered that she had miraculously healed people. Those crippled stood up and cheered, the deaf were listening intently to her music, those with injuries felt rejuvenated and injuries disappeared from the skin...people gave her a name. The Legendary Bard. With the knowledge of her being able to hurt people just as much as she healed them, she took this new power into account and was determined to get it straightened out, and make it so she could never hurt anyone again. She joined the guild to accomplish this goal, and to hone her abilities.

Skill: Alchemy
Power source: N/A, Inherent user

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Name: Perfect harmony
Cost: 8
Range: N/A
Duration: 10 posts
Cooldown: 30 posts
Description: for the next 10 posts Stiesa plays with perfect harmony, making sure all her abilities will succeed during those posts

Name: Orchid Horror
Cost: 5
Range: Single target 5 meters
Duration: 2 posts (channeled)
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: Stiesa starts playing a haunting melody only audible by 1 being for 2 posts, once the song ends that target takes 25 Inherent damage. However Stiesa has to keep playing for 2 posts after she has activated this ability, even the slightest disruption causes this ability to be unsuccessful. This ability has a 50% chance to fail and if it does the closest ally takes 25 Static damage
(Plays:, violin only of course.)

Name: Song of healing
Cost: 4
Range: 2 meters around Stiesa
Duration: N/A
Cool-down: 6 Posts
Description: Stiesa plays a magical song healing all creatures except herself in a 2 meter diameter around her for 8 HP and restoring 4 energy (halved for inherent power users) This ability has a 20% chance of backfiring, resulting in 8 damage being dealt to every creature instead
(Plays:, violin only.)

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Stiesa Vrilth Empty Re: Stiesa Vrilth

Post by necruta on Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:28 pm

Character approved! Now play to your heart's content!

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