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Videns Caeruleum

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Videns Caeruleum Empty Videns Caeruleum

Post by Videns on Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:44 pm

Full name: Videns Caeruleum
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’1
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: Navy
Eye color: Azure
Face Claim: Chrom - Fire Emblem
Positive character traits: Hard Working, Committed, Loyal, adaptable.

Negative character traits: Compulsive, Blunt, Cocky.

Likes: Training/Fighting, Tea, Any body of water really.

Dislikes: Sweltering Heat, Snobbery, Repetition.

Fears: Drowning, Dying.

Aspirations: Becoming recognized for his strength.

Background story: Videns Caeruleum was born on the seventh day of the seventh month, 3 week premature. A frail and weak baby, the doctors told his parents not to get their hopes up, however both knew the significance. Not only as loving parents welcoming their child into the world, but also the uncanny feeling that this particular date their son should be born on held great importance. His parents choose the name Videns for fear of the worst. The doubts of the doctors made them scared that their son may never get to live his life. They wished for him to see past the doubt and uncertainty and into a bright future where he thrived, Hence the name Videns which means "Seer." Needless to say, Videns grew up healthy and happy.
Even as an incomprehensible baby Videns showed great affinity for water. So much so he could swim before he could walk! Videns’ parents were also well acquainted with water, his father a fisherman and his mother a marine biologist. One can imagine growing up with parents such as these Videns was nearly never out of the water, and those people would be right!. Due to the somewhat contrasting jobs of his parents, His father's being brute force to reel in and capture fish while his mother's was a educational look on their wildlife and their habits Videns had a well versed childhood, often adapting to any mental or physical challenge that arose.

Although he helped both his parents when they needed it, he took particular liking to his father's work. Videns was no stranger to long voyages or strenuous labour. Most of the crew were Ex-Navy men and even taught Videns some hand to hand combat in their free time.

The day Videns found his spirit was a dreadful one. On a fishing voyage like any other, Videns was helping the crew bring up a rather large net of fish. They had actually been particularly lucky managing to get many good loads of fishes. However the prosperous evening had attracted unwanted attention. Although he was unsure of what attacked the ship, Videns knew whatever did was big enough to snap the ship in two easily. Videns was left for dead, thinking he would die himself as he sunk with the ship. However fate did not have an untimely death written for Videns. As he sunk, an apparition of a woman came to him but it was no apparition. It was the water spirit Undine. Due to his Birth date and his naturally affinity with water she decided Videns would be worthy enough to use part of her power. When Videns awoke, he was washed up at his own Harbour town, all alone.

Many years passed after the tragic shipwreck. Since then Videns had joined the guild to earn some extra money for his widowed mother. He also began practising using Undine’s power it. Videns also trained many other aspects, such as his lung capacity, overall general fitness, hand to hand combat and even tried some.basic weapon play. The guild was a good escape from the thoughts of his father's passing. Although he did feel guilty for also being away from his mother, she assured him it was what his father would have wanted. And thus Videns was practicality full time at the Guild.

Ability/power sheet
Skill: weapon mastery
Power source: Undine - Spirit

Name: Water Creation.
Cost: 3
Range: Medium, up to 10 meters away
Duration: 5 posts
Cool-Down: 1 post
Description: With the power of his spirit Undine, Videns is able to create a sphere of water about the size of a baseball. This water can be manipulated by any of Videns’ other abilities, but can also be moved around telekinetically by Videns without the need for them.

Name: Multi-Use Water
Cost: varies
Range: Medium, 5 meters
Duration: 5
Cool-Down: 5
Description: The Water Spirit Undine has a constant Control over all water conjured by Videns. Due to this, Videns can Manipulate water he has conjured for various uses.

1: Drill 5 energy - With this skill Videns can begin to rotate any water he has created while adding some pressure to it. This as the name suggests turns it into a drill like object capable of piercing objects and continuously do so as long as the criteria are met. If this attack is used against a shield like effect it’s energy cost for the struggle is doubled.
2: Shield 6 energy - As the name implies Videns can turn some water he has created into a sturdy shield like ability. Although it does not increase the size of his water, this is able to apply enough pressure around on the water to make it harder to break or slice through.
3: Shuriken 3 energy - By slightly altering the shape of the water he makes he can turn it into a shuriken. Again some pressure is applied to the water causing it to become a slightly feeble shuriken. Although while this effect is applied Videns can throw the water past its range requirement. One orb creates 4 shuriken
4: Grape 3 energy - Similar to mineta from BNH Videns is capable of passing water he creates through some of his bodily functions to make the water he manipulates far more sticky, drastically increasing its viscosity.

Name: Hydro-Power
Cost: 5
Range: Self
Duration: 3
Cool-Down: 5
Description: Using Undine’s power, Videns can increase his blood flow, causing his skin to turn a slight shade of red. This skill increases almost all his physical traits. While this ability is active Videns gains +2 attack and +1 defense however once the skill ends he loses 10 HP

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Videns Caeruleum Empty Re: Videns Caeruleum

Post by necruta on Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:54 pm

Accepted, be careful the water is wet.

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