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Paranoia Information Thread

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Paranoia Information Thread Empty Paranoia Information Thread

Post by Alisae on Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:57 am

Do you want to shoot your friends?
I LOVE Shooting my firends.
And if you do, Paranoia is probably for you.

But what else Paranoia?
Well tbh, I'm not allowed to tell you! As telling you is traitorous and punishable by death.
Well ok, I'm allowed to give you backstory on it.

You are living in the Alpha Complex, where you have recently been promoted to Red security clearence because you turned in your friend who was a traitor!
You are a troubleshooter? Meaning you shoot trouble, trouble being Communists, Mutants, and Traitors!
Friend Computer will send you on missions to kill these things or just do other wonderful, fantastic, fun missions for the good of the Alpha Complex!
You're heroes surving your country.
Praise Alpha Complex!
Praise Friend Computer!
Its important to have a good time and to suceed in your mission, Friend Computer depends on your success.
And if you are not having fun then you are committing treason, as fun is mandatory!
If you are not happy you are committing treason, as happiness is mandatory!
So have fun and succeed in your mission.

Here is the rulebook for the player's only section.

Here is some brief descriptions about the roles of a basic troubleshooter team
Team Leader:
Team leader is, well, the leader of the team. The team leader can order the troubleshooter the task required for the mission. If the troubleshooters do not follow the order, they become the subject the target for Loyalty Officer to record. Team leader become the tactical advisor during the combat. It is rare for Team Leader to choose complicated tactic. When the Team Leader uses complicated tactic, team members can not complete that, and the Team Leader takes responsibility for failure. Instead, many Team Leader likes tactics such as "kamikaze one member" or "save many by sacrificing few."
Loyalty Officer:
Loyalty Officer is responsible for troubleshooters' loyalty. Of course "reporting treasonous activity" is all citizen's duty. However, Loyalty Officer does not only must report the traitor, but also report those "who haven't commit the treasonous activity yet but has a potential to" to the computer. Loyalty Officer gets ILTR - Indestructible Loyalty Transcripts Recorder. This is a memo pad contained in indestructible case, and Loyalty Officer record his fellow teammates' activity in this notepad. During the de-briefing, Loyalty Officer has a special reporting session called "Loyalty Transcript Debriefing," which is reading what he has written in ILTR. Loyalty Officer is allowed to add his personal opinion to his report. Usually the report ends with "Thus it is clear that Citizen XX shows treasonous intent."
Hygiene Officer:
Hygeine Officer is responsible for troubleshooters' hygiene.

Citizen: "Friend Computer, how does something like 'hygiene' affects the mission?"
Computer: "Good question, citizen. If your hands are dirty your laser gun can slip. If your breath smells foul the commies notice you. Improper outfits lowers the team's morale. Also the dust is the enemy of all robots and all electronic devices. Dust is the product of filthy commies, and we must do everything to stop them."
Citizen: "So what happens if the troubleshooter has bad hygiene?"
Computer: "Not following the hygiene standard is treason. And treason is punishable by death."

Thus, each troubleshooter team has Hygiene Officer assigned. Hygiene Officer can perform PHT - Personal Hygiene Test. This test checks how clean the troubleshooters are. Hygiene Officer has right to perform the PHT any time. Refusing to submit to PHT is a treason. There are many methods to perform PHT but the most widely-used method is Sin-Core Sample. This uses the awesome invention by R&D called "Skin-Core Sampler Type VI." The device takes the sample of the target's skin and compare the ratio between the skin component and dust. Hygiene Officer sets to SCS-6 depends on how much the target cuts the skin, from 1 micron to 30cm. Cutting the skin as deep as possible gives the better report on cleanliness.
Communications and Recording Officer:
Communications and Recording Officer is very important related to team's survival. He uses his Multicoder to record the progress of the mission and submit it to the Computer. It is depended on his filming angle skill and his compilation skill whether the team promotes to Vulture Squadron or they are terminated. For various reason, there may be Com Unit for everyone or one per team. When it happens, the C&R Officer holds the Com Unit. In this case, C&R Officer holds a very strong power, sicne it is only him who gets to report to the Computer, and it is only him who receives the order from the Computer and send it to the team. The recording done by Multicoder can be a huge threat, especially for the Team Leader when the mission ends in failure. Thus, Team Leader always wish C&R Officer dead. C&R Officer wants to avoid being alone with Team Leader at all cost.
Equipment Guy:
Equipment Guy is responsible for taking care of team's equipment. Equipment Guy fixes the broken equipment. Of course, not being able to fix the broken equipment is not treasonous. He simply brings the equipment back and fixes it. Also the Equipment Guy can perform RSI - Random Surprise Inspection, to prevent the equipment from breaking. This inspection is recommended to be done frequently. Refusing to submit to RSI is treason. Broken equipment are the commie mutant traitor's treasonous act, thus many treasons were found by RSI. Equipment also takes care of the experimental equipment lent by R&D. Troubleshooters are required to use the device at least once and write a report on it. Equipment Guy can tell the teammate to test the untested device.
Happiness Officer:
Happiness Officer is the last and important role. He is responsible for keeping the team happy. When the Troubleshooters look town, that's when Happiness Officer comes in. He must keep his team happy by singing, dancing, or throwing puns. Not being happy is what we call SSM - Sub-Standard Morale. SSM is assumed to be the biggest reason for failed missions. Happiness Officer monitors the team's mood and checks for signs of SSM. There are guidelines to check if someone is suffering SSM.

1. Is the subject refusing to participate in the suicidal mission?
2. Is the subject refusing to follow the order from his Team Leader?
3. Is the subject suffering insomnia?
4. Is the subject not laughing to HO's pun?
5. Is the subject refusing to sing?
6. Is the subject doubting the Friend Computer's decision?
8. Is the subject whining?

It is the job if Happiness Officer to cure SSM. According to the long lasting experience by the Friend Computer, drug therapy is the best solution. Happiness Officer has right to inject a happiness drug to those who suffer SSM. Refusing the drug is, of course, treason.

I'll guide those who are interested in making characters, but here are what each Skill and their subskills do
Skill Category - Management:
- Bootlicking: How to ingratitate yourself with superiors
- Chutzpah: Getting others to accept doubtful statements through confident assertion, bluffing, and unmitigated gall.
- Hygiene: Maintaining cleanliness in yourself, your surroundings, your teammates and innocent passerby.
- Interrogation: Extracting useful information from Commie mutant scum.
- Intimidation: This doesn't exactly ingratiate you with your inferiors, but it gets their cooperation
- Moxie: Streetwise smarts; canny assessment of a person, situation or statement.
- Oratory: How to get a bunch of people to do what you want.

Skill Category - Stealth:
- Concealment: Hiding stuff on your person or in your surroundings; also, spotting stuff others have hidden.
- Disguise: Wearing a higher-clearance jumpsuit or false mustache without looking idiotic.
- High Alert: Sensing imminent danger or covert surveillance. Not really different from most Troubleshooters' typical state, except you only get alarmed over actual threats.
- Security Systems: Jiggering locks and alarms
- Shadowing: Following someone without being noticed.
- Sleight of Hand: Palming and pocketing small things without being noticed.
- Surveillance: How to bug things. How to debug things.

Skill Category - Violence:
- Agility: Rapid or balanced movement, gymnastics, jumping.
- Demolition: How to use TNT without killing yourself. At clearances below GREEN this skill is treasonous.
- Energy Weapons: Hitting someone with a laser, sonic weapon or blaster. This is a vital specialty. You can't take Energy Weapons as a weakness, and it doesn't count as one of your six common specialties.
- Field Weapons: Flamethrowers, gauss guns, tanglers and the ever-popular plasma generator.
- Fine Manipulation: Lockpicking, watchmaking, cutting the red wire one second before detonation.
- Hand Weapons: Hitting someone with a force sword, neurowhip or trucheon, or with primitive weapons.
- Projectile Weapons: Hitting someone with a slugthrower, cone rifle or other aimed weapon that uses ammunition.
- Thrown Weapons: Hitting someone with a grenade, brick or rock.
- Unarmed Combat: Hitting someone when you don't have a hand, energy, projectile, thrown or vehicular weapon.
- Vehicular Combat: Hitting someone with a weapon mounted on a vehicle.

Skill Category - Hardware:
- Bot Ops and Maintenance: How to operate and fix docbots, guardbots/warbots, jackobots, scrubots and vehicle autopilots.
- Chemical Engineering: Lots of uses for this, but somehow PCs always want to use it to make explosives.
- Electronic Engineering: How to string together circuits and microprocessors.
- Habitat Engineering: Knowledge of the air, communication, transport, power, water and waste systems. Mighty handy when you need to find a ventilation shaft to escape incoming fire.
- Mechanical Engineering: How to make really neat Rube Goldberg-type contraptions.
- Nuclear Engineering: How to operate a reactor without flooding half the sector with radioactive waste.
- Vehicle Ops and Maintenance: How to use and repair all vehicles: autocars, crawlers, flybots, copters and Vulturecraft.
- Weapon and Armor Maintenance: Sabotaging others' weapons and armor, and keeping yours from being sabotaged.

Skill Category - Software:
- Bot Programming: Revising bot instructions.
- C-Bay: Getting the best price buying and selling on Alpha Complex auction sites.
- Data Analysis: How to understand Computer-generated stuff.
- Data Search: Finding someething useful using The Computer.
- Financial Systems: How to transfer credits safely for legitimate or criminal purposes.
- Hacking: Breaking into The Computer's systems. Really, what could go wrong? Treasonous at clearances bellow GREEN.
- Operating Systems: Revising MemoMax clone backup tech. Rewriting The Computer's instructions. Treasonous at clearances below BLUE.
- Vehicle Programming: Revising vehicle instructions.

Skill Category - Wetware:
- Biosciences: Knowing what's likely to mutate you and how.
- Bioweapons: Engineering your own Black Death or weaponized anthrax. Treasonous at clearances below BLUE.
- Cloning: Repairing and operating the tanks that grow new and backup citizens. Operating MemoMax backup devices so the new clone remembers his name and boot size.
- Medical: How to heal the injured and cure the sick, or ensure they don't heal or get cured.
- Outdoor Life: Telling a tree from a weed, or a bird from an elephant, when most citizens have never heard of these.
- Pharmatherapy: Ensuring wakefulness, sleepiness, happiness or any mental state through the application of little pills.
- Psychotherapy: Recognizing insanity; helping others recover from it or descend further into it.
- Suggestion: Biochemical and psychological techniques of subliminal persuasion.
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