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Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

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Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Valkoor on Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:01 pm

Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide & Discussion


1.) Background
2.) Lore
3.) Builds
4.) Main Deck Monsters
5.) Extra Deck Monsters
6.) Techs
7.) Sample Deck Lists
8.) Outro

1.) Background:
Greetings, friends, enemies, and family, to the greatest guide on Earth: the official Fabled Guide! In this guide, we will be learning about the Fabled archetype, how to play it, why it doesn't totally suck, and some lore on top of all of that! But first, my own history with the deck that none of you care about.

I started playing the game competitively in 2008, around the turn of the game into the synchro era. I had been looking for a cool deck to main, but none of them appealed to me. Frogs were okay, but nothing exciting, HERO didn't appeal to me, and the list goes on. Then Fabled archetype, known as Demon Roar God in the OCG, debuted as Duel Terminal promos in "Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!!", and was last released in "Battle Pack: Epic Dawn". This deck was my first main, and continues to be one of my favorite decks of all time. It was a LIGHT beast and fiend-type archetype that revolved around discarding some of their monsters by using some of their other monsters, which was rather similar to the previously released Dark World archetype. There were, however, some key differences:
-Fabled monsters were able to resolve their effect if discarded by a cost, which is big deal.
-They had good, archetype monsters that acted as discard outlets.
-They were synchro-centric, aiming to flood the board with powerful extra deck monsters.
All of these traits, along with the nature of the deck, made for what is still one of the best examples of a glass cannon deck to date: a deck that's essentially all in or nothing. This is further supported by a number of cards that rely on either having no hand or a low card count, meaning the deck is reliant on its draws. Despite this, control builds are possible and viable due to the stun and beatdown and stun nature of some of the archetype's cards in specific.

The basis for the deck seems to be demonic, yet they are all LIGHT attribute. This leads to the common conception that they follow the theme of the archetypal fallen angels in biblical reference.

Now, without further ado, let's move onto the least relevant part of the guide: the lore.

2.) Lore:
The history of the battles in the "Duel Terminal" begins with "Synchro Awakening", and unfolds from there. Why are the monsters who live there fighting? What is the fate they follow? What will the conclusion be? Let us talk about the story here.

On this distant star, each tribe or clan fights to ultimately reign supreme. For the longest time, the war just waged on, with no one group holding the advantage. However, this battle that no one thought would ever end was suddenly brought to an abrupt halt, as the "Worms", invaders from outerspace, suddenly crashed on the planet. To combat the approaching invaders, the "Ice Barrier" freed "Brionac", an ancient dragon that had been sealed. It pushed back the "Worms" with its power. Against the landing "Worm" forces, the stalwart warrior of the "Flamvell" sallies forth. The flames on his arms surge forth, scorching away the invaders. To combat the invaders, the tribes and clans were forced to form a truce and unite together. The four tribes that were the most powerful forces on the continent form their own organization, "Ally of Justice". Bringing together each of their technologies and crafts, they began to develop anti-Worm weapons. The performance of "Catastor", who was developed early on, was shown to be excellent, causing huge gains against the Worms at every frontline battleground. The Autonomous Power Reactors, known as "Genex", began to move at the same time.

The invasion of the "Worms" intensifies with each passing day, causing the fight to spread across the continent. Not even the forest where the peaceful "Naturia" lived was an exception. Originally they were a tribe who disliked fighting, but they were forced into combat in order to protect their home. With claws that tear apart and fangs to crush the enemy, he uses them to protect "Naturia Forest" where he and his friends live. An unknown substance was gathered from the meteoritesthe "Worms" rode down on from the stars. Because of this, the "Ally of Justice" machines had their processing and brain power increase by leaps and bounds. Rather than annihilating the "Worms", the engineers shifted their focus to capturing and analyzing them, in an attempt to use the foreign invaders to further strengthen the "Ally of Justice". Upset with the premise of "capturing and using the enemy," "Mist Valley" began to grow distant from the others. They began to desire only fighting alongside each other.

The cacophony of the wars on the surface cause the "Fabled", who had been sleeping deep within the earth, to reawaken. These gods lent their hand against the invaders, but it was all in the name of fulfilling their own ambitions. After having watched battles desolate the ground below, "Valkyrus" descends to the nearby realm of the "Jurracs". The invasion of the "Worms" has barely affected the "Jurrac" and the "Fabled". But when the wicked gods suddenly struck, the Jurrac fought back with the flames that covered their bodies. "Genex", which are able to slay the ever-evolving "Worm" invaders, modified their bodies into something more suitable for combat.

The advent of the "Fabled", along with the "Worms", drove the world to the height of chaos and confusion. Even when they've been defeated time and again, the "Worms" reappear the next day like crashing waves in the midst of a storm. And with the "Fabled" interfering in fights as if to ridicule them, those who fought found themselves increasingly fatigued. Appearing on the bloody battlefield where the invaders and the current tribes battle, they perform indiscriminate hit-and-run attacks. It seems they enjoy causing chaos on the battlefield. The "Genex" reach the end of their self-improvement, taking on the figure of "R-Genex" after obtaining a new power. While they don't have the same output in terms of being power reactors as the "Genex", their combat capabilities have sky rocketed. With more and more soldiers continuing to be slaughtered, "Ice Barrier" released the second Ice Dragon. Its breath can turn thousands of enemies instantly into ice sculptures, which then shatter.

Having cut themselves off from "Ally of Justice", the "Mist Valley" clan had been fighting without help from anyone else, forcing them into a difficult battle against the unending hordes of the invaders, unable to call for aid. However, troops suddenly appeared from a gust of wind. These troops that rushed to help with the crisis of "Mist Valley" were the legendary dragon knights, "Dragunity". A family who passed down the secrets of using dragons, the "Dragunity" are said to be able to become one in body and in mind with their dragons. Said to dwell in "Dragon Ravine", a place whose existence has practically become a myth, the "Dragunity" are said to appear in the midst of turmoil and unrest.

The invasion of the "Worms" became increasingly strangely sporadic, but the tribes and clans hurried on constructing their ultimate weapon, suspecting a final battle was in order. And then, a gigantic ominous "Worm", that no other up to this point could be compared to, emerged... Prior to "Zero" appearing, [Ally of Justice Quarantine] detected a spatial distortion. From a tear in space, an object with mind-boggling mass appears. "Zero" is reported to be consuming the other "Worms", growing stronger and stronger. Swallowing everything, it kills from merely moving, and the tribes could no longer hide their despair. The trump card of "Ally of Justice", the quickly-built supreme anti-Worm weapon [Ally of Justice Decisive Armor] is sent to the ultimate decisive battle. As the battle swings back and forth, it finally ends in it barely defeating "Zero".

Freed from the threat of the "Worms", the tribes and clans were uproariously joyous. But their joy did not last long. The "Fabled" who had calmly been watching finally made their move, in a scheme of world conquest. On the other side, the "R-Genex" and the "Ally of Justice" negotiated, and agreed to work together. "The Fabled" appeared almost at the same time as the wicked gods were completely revived. Taking orders from the "Fabled" gods, they use their magic, serving as the vanguard of an invasion. New weapons were made to destroy the "Fabled", whose numbers continued to surge ever further all over the planet. These weapons were made combining the power reactors of the "R-Genex" and the technology used to make the "Ally of Justice". The "Jurracs", the victims of the most intense attacks of the conquest scheme, transformed their bodies into meteors, and completely razed the land where the "Fabled" dwelt. From the ashes, a new fire was born, the "Neo Flamvell". The wishes of those who lost their bodies by dropping the "Meteor" awoke the God of the Ancient Flames. The tribe of Fire becomes one with the ancient deity, sweeping away the "Fabled" that remained in their realm.

Due to the endless struggle, the world had been ravaged. Based on the situation, the "Ice Barrier" was determined to break the seal of "Trishula", the final Ice Dragon... Without knowing that doing so would lead to the destruction of the entire planet. The voice of the "Medium" was unable to reach the rampaging Ice Dragon, and the "Mirror" was powerless before the furious dragon. Awakened from its slumber, the oldest and strongest dragon, "Trishula", rages out of the control of the "Ice Barrier". In the end, it froze over the entire planet, causing time to stop on the planet.

(Master Guide 3, File Number 01: Duel Terminal History (Original War))

3.) Builds:

As the name suggests, this build is centralized on summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon as a boss monster. This is, for the most part, the most "glass cannon" or the builds, essentially going all in for a Quasar attempt, and in any other event will likely fall apart. Fortunately, the build is pretty good at what it does, so that usually isn't too much of an issue.


This build is centralized around abusing The Fabled Unicore, as well as maintaining control through discard traps and steady draw power. This is the slowest build of Fableds, but this is usually irrelevant due to the drastically differing playstyle compared to the rest of the variants: it actually strays from the glass cannon nature, and is very stable.

Any other synchro monster

As the name suggests, most synchro boss monsters can be used as the boss monster of the deck, and the deck can even just play a synchro rush build with some of the stronger, lower-leveled synchros. The archetype has a surprising amount of flexibility as a result, which will be mentioned when referring to some of the cards.


This is basically a mill heavy version that runs Lightsworns, Magical Merchant, a lot of monsters,and Lightrays as boss monsters. It's very fun, but rather unreliable. Worth a shot if you're looking to have a good laugh.

4.) Main Deck Monsters:
The Good Crew

Fabled Grimro/Demon Roar God Grimro

This card is, by far, the best card in the archetype. The amount of consistency this card adds is absolutely necessary, and should never, ever, ever be run at anything less than 3. FUN FACT: this card is my favorite card of all time.

The Fabled Chawa/Demon Roar God Beast Chawa

Our level 1 tuner, and a damn good one at that. It acts as a simple, clean discard outlet, as well as working towards some very important mini-combos and synchro plays in the Quasar build (Formula Synchron, namely), and still works as a wonderful discard outlet in every other build. Run at 3.

The Fabled Cerburrel/Demon Roar God Beast Cerburrel

Our level 2 tuner, and acts as the counterpart to Chawa. While Chawa discards something to special summon itself, Cerburrel needs to be discarded to be special summoned. Because this is one of the most consistent and useful discard effect we have, it should likely be run at 3 in all builds.

The Fabled Ganashia/Demon Roar God Beast Ganashia

A level 3 non-tuner, and with his effect, our biggest main deck beater. This works extremely well with Cerburrel to summon level five synchros (e.g. Fabled Ragin), or with Chawa to summon level four synchros (e.g. The Fabled Unicore). Despite all of this, the banishing can remain an issue for some builds, and as such, it is up to play style and other techs that determines whether or not the card should be run at 2 or 3.

Fabled Krus/Demon Roar God Krus

A level 2 non-tuner, but that's totally irrelevant because of its effect. When it's discarded, it becomes a reborn for our Fabled monsters, so long as they're level four or lower. This makes for some amazing consistency and recycling, and on top of that, works towards a few small "combos" in the deck, especially. Despite all that, though, it can clog since you need set-up for it. It's up to the player whether they want to run 2 or 3.

The Fabled Nozoochee/Demon Roar God Beast Nozuchi

This card is more or less a win condition of sorts. It's able to, theoretically, flood the board with three monsters total, making for some great synchro plays. But since it is a win condition that is so costly to fully resolve, it should be run at lower numbers: depending on monster count and the likes, 1 or 2 copies should suffice.

Fabled Lurrie/Demon Roar God Lurrie

This card is very similar to Cerberrul, but it does something very important that Cerberrul does not: easy Formula Synchron access. Chawa and this makes the car din an instant, and as such, is integral in the Quasar build. Other than that, it's just a decent card. Level 1 is very flexible when using synchros. Depending on the number of Level 1 non-tuner techs you're running, run 1 or 2.

Fabled Kushano/Demon Roar God Kushano

A level 3 tuner and a recurring discard outlet? Yes please! Kushano is by far the most consistent discard outlet you'll have, and he does his job wonderfully, as well as adding some versatility to our synchro arsenal. When he's set up, though, he's set up. That's it. As such, only 1 is ever really necessary. You can run 2, but be aware that you'll be clogging with it a lot more.

Mediocre and Niche Gang

The Fabled Catsith/Demon Roar God Beast Catsith

This card serves an interesting purpose in creating double pops/whatevers with discard traps. Despite that, it doesn't advance our own gamestate in any way. Because of that, it's up to you whether or not you want to run it, however I highly advise against it in a faster build.

Fabled Raven/Demon Roar God Raven

This card seems like it would be good at first. The ability to dump your entire hand to the grave and resolve a bunch of effects must be good, right? Well, not quite. It's highly unlikely that you have a hand full of discard effects anyway, and even if you did, Raven would likely become too high of a level to use as a result. In addition, he's slow due to the lack of an ability to reliably special summon him. He does, however, have one thing going for him: his discarding is an effect, not a cost. This makes synergy with Dark World a thing, and on top of that, he can be a situational power house. Run at your own discretion.

The Fabled Peggulsus/Demon Roar God Beast Pegalasus

This card is only here because it's slow. Very, very slow. If it was, say, summoned face-up and activated on summon, it would be leagues better. But it doesn't, so we won't mourn too much. The card can still work in the control or a slower build, so run it if you want to try it out. Main use for it is dumping Kushano and Krus material if you do. NOTE: This is the only Fabled monster that can miss timing. Be very wary of this when running it.

The Fabled Kokkator/Demon Roar God Cokkatre

This card is actually pretty decent. Hook a Horn of the Phantom Beast onto it and you have a pretty good thing going for you. Issue is, it is sort of weak otherwise, and it is a battle effect, which have fallen out of favor. Regardless, he fills an interesting tech-like spot in the control build.

Fabled Soulkius/Demon Roar God Soulcius

This card works in one build and one build only: a Lightray build. Mill everything, this thing is in your graveyard, mill more. Sort of a bigger Kushano. In fact, he'd be a debatably better Kushano... if he discarded instead of sending. That's the main issue with this card, and why it's nothing more than a niche card in a niche build.

The Baddies

Fabled Dianaira/Demon Roar God Dianaira

Our boss monster... "boss monster". Unfortunately, this card is terrible. It's slow, does little to nothing to reliably advance our gamestate, and we get no bonus effects from having our cards being discarded by our opponent anyway. This would have been a better fit for the dark World archetype, but not here.

Fabled Ashenveil/Demon Roar God Ashenveil

So we can go -1 (sends, doesn't discard) to make a 2200 beater? This isn't 2006, people. Card is bad.

Fabled Dyf/Demon Roar God Dyf

In short, this card does exactly what all the good monsters do for the most part anyway. I mean, I guess you could tribute it to reborn a Grimro, but... really?

Fabled Gallabas/Demon Roar God Galbas

Okay, maybe this card isn't the absolute worst, but Catsith does its job about a hundred times better, and realistically, most monsters with 1500 or less DEF can be dealt with normally anyway. Really not worth running.

Fabled Miztoji/Demon Roar God Miztoji

Might as well run bloody Tuning. For God's sake no.

Fabled Oltro/Demon Roar God Oltro

So you go -1 to special summon a Fabled from hand, when you could just use any other Fabled monster that's good and probably not go -1 anyway? Nope. Card sucks. Sorry baby.

Fabled Topi/Demon Roar God Topi

I mean, it gets rid of backrow, but so does MST. And that doesn't waste your normal summon. Plus, they have to have two or more cards in their hand than you, which means you've already made part of your play, which sort of negates the little usefulness this card had anyway.

Fabled Urustos/Demon Roar God Urstos


The Fabled Rubyruda/Demon Roar God Beast Rubyruda

I mean, for God's sake, you might as well run a bloody Krebons engine.

5.) Extra Deck Monsters:

Fabled Ragin/Demon Roar God Ragion

By far, one of the best Synchros we have. It draws us two cards if you have an empty hand, which is absolutely amazing for the deck. Despite that, you'll never really need 3; 2 should suffice. Seriously though card is awesome abuse it. TIP: Because mandatory effects activate as chain link 1, and chains resolve backwards, in the case of summoning Ragin while Librarian is up on your side of the field, you'll draw for Ragin and then Librarian, meaning you can draw up to 3 cards.

The Fabled Unicore/Demon Roar God Beast Unicole

This card is our other best synchro, and debatably the best level 4 synchro in the game. This card can totally lock down your opponent's play if it's banking on one card, and if they have answers, guess what? We have hand manipulation like no other in the form of discard traps. Proper use of Unicore can basically win games on its own. When playing him, keep in mind what traps you have, your opponent's Draw Phase, and potential backrow they may have. Run 3 in the Unicore stun/control build, and you can run 1 in most other builds just because it's really good.

Fabled Leviathan/Demon Roar God Levuathan

Our true boss monster, and it's not half bad. It essentially floats off of whatever you use to make it, which is pretty cool. That being said though, destruction isn't as prominent, and it does little to nothing other than being a beater on the field. Run 1 if you want, but it's not the best.

Fabled Valkyrus/Demon Roar God Valkyrus

This card is actually really good. It's essentially a +1 most the time, or at the very least, a cycle in a pinch. Unfortunately, it's a pretty high level, which really neuters a lot of its use. Still though, definitely worth testing as a one of.

The Fabled Kudabbi/Demon Roar God Kudabbe

This card is our last synchro, and a total disappointment at that. It's essentially banking on you have no resources to have a rather bad immunity effect, and instantly dies if you manage to replenish your hand in almost any way. Plus, Unicore is just so much better. Don't run him.

6.) Techs:

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast/Karma Cut/Raigeki Break

All three off these serve the same purpose: discard a Fabled, go plus. It's entirely up to player preference on the ratios they run of these. A few notes, though: these work wonderfully in conjunction with Unicore, and generally, the fast build doesn't run many traps, if any.

Jar of Greed/Legacy of Yata-Garasu/Reckless Greed

These serve the opposite of the discard traps: while the discard traps serve to lower our hand count, these serve to raise it. Again, extremely useful with Unicore. Jar of Greed is generally the best, since drawing 2 isn't as good as drawing 1 when controlling hand size, but it can be in certain situations. Note that if you run Reckless Greed, run it at 3. No exceptions.

The Entire Dark World Archetype

This one should speak for itself. Keep in mind that most Fableds have their discards as cost, and as such, will not trigger most of the Dark World monsters. Your best bets are the spells of the archetype (namely Dealings and Gates) and Broww, for more draw power.

T.G. Striker/T.G. Warwolf

Extra synchro potential that's pretty good too. Warwolf is a better pick than Striker if you're choosing between the two, but they synergize wonderfully. Run as many as you deem necessary.

The Tricky

This card is one of our better bets for going into higher level synchros. If you're running some of those, this is worth testing.

Obedience Schooled

A card that could be considered to be made for Fabled, but realistically it isn't a true part of the archetype, and supports Raccoon more regardless. Still, using this and going into a Cerberrul and Nozoochee is the easiest way to make a turn 1 Unicore, a great play. Definitely should be run in the Unicore build.

Reborn Tengu

If any of you have played Tengu Plants, you understand why this card is so good. Once this gets rolling you can make some crazy plays, and likely win the game off of it. If you run it, it's a 3 of.

Black Dragon Collapserpent/White Dragon Wyverbuster

Very similar to Tengu, except for slightly less powerful but it doesn't use up your normal summon. Potentially better if you plan to run a good number of DARK techs. If you do, run 3 Black Dragon and 2 White Dragon.

Ayers Rock Sunrise

You can reborn any of your "The Fabled" monsters with this. Run if you want, but note your opponent has to have a monster on the field to activate it.


Since a lot of our monsters summon themselves when already discarded, or since we have Krus, this card can be very useful. It can even replace a copy of Lurrie in the Quasar build. Just be wary of it clogging your field.


Basically the greatest Ragin abuse card of all time. This can be insane if you have proper set-up for it. Run it if you want.

Fluffal Bear/Toy Vendor

This works well as a quick discard engine. Bear searches the Toy Pot, and then Toy Pot discards stuff. Simple and clean. Despite this being the most consistent discard engine we could likely tech in, though, it is a -1. Run if you want.

Junk Synchron

Pretty good. You can normal summon this for a quick reborn on a lot of our Fableds, making for some pretty wonky plays. Works really well with Doppelwarrior, too.

Jet Synchron

Even though it sends instead of discarding, it's still a great level 1 tuner, and if you have Kushano, that cost is more or less negated anyway.

Glow-Up Bulb

Another amazing level 1 tuner that can be summoned for almost no cost. Getting it in the graveyard might be a pain in this deck, though, so it depends on the rest of your techs.

Mind Control

Makes for some great synchro plays if you steal an opponent's monster. Since the advent of Xyz monsters, though, it has lost a lot of use. Still, worth testing.

Foolish Burial

Basically, it dumps Kushano, Krus targets, and some of our techs. Run if you run a good number of graveyard-centric techs.

One for One

Really good for dropping a lot of the necessities in the deck, but unfortunately, it sends instead of discarding. You can run it for recruiting Lurrie and Chawa, but it is still technically a -1.

Soul Charge

This isn't even really a tech. This is a staple. Still, though, mentioning it is sort of a necessary mention. This card, because of how much you'll be dumping in the grave, can cause your board to explode in size and will usually win the game in this deck. Definitely run as many copies of it as you can.

Instant Fusion/Elder Entity Norden

It's a quick Ragin with Chawa, or really anything else. Absolutely amazing, and I highly advise you run at least 1 of each if you have the room.

Tour Guide From The Underworld

It's not too bad since you have an almost guaranteed target in the form of Kushano, plus Leviair is pretty good in the deck for Ganashia and the Chaos Dragons if you run them. Worth a shot, but remember the no synchro restriction on the card.

Monster Reincarnation/Beckoning Light

These two cards serve the same purpose, in that they refresh your hand as needed while going plus. Reincarnation is faster, while Beckoning Light is more powerful. Play as needed.

Pot of Dichotomy/Jar of Avarice

These help replenish your deck, and work towards making sure you don't run out of resources. Jar of Avarice is almost always better, but you can try Pot of Dichotomy.

Twin Twister

Alrighty, this card is now TCG and absolutely amazing. It discards, lets us go plus, and gets rid of pendulum scales. Absolutely amazing.

Chicken Game/Upstart Goblin

I mean... more draw. Consistency. Why not?

Horn of the Phantom Beast

Works very well in the control build to run over some things you can't deal with due to effects, and works even better with Kokkator in specific.

7.) Sample Decklists:



Red Dragon Archfiend Thing:


8.) Outro:
Well, with this, you now have a basic understanding of Fabled! The deck has countless plays, combos, and combinations you can use, too many for me to really list here. You have to work towards your strategy and adapt as you draw, making the deck deceivingly skillful. Always be wary of what you could draw, and what's more likely to be drawn. It might take a while, but you'll get the hang of it. Any questions, complaints, or comments, feel free to leave here. I wish you happy dueling and a wonderful new year!

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:25 am

I've seen Fables play a lot in the Quasar days.

I love the concept, but I never got around to actually build it. Should I run the synchro variant of the Raccoon variant?
Asgore Dreemurr
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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Valkoor on Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:28 am

Assuming you mean "or", since I've never seen a hybrid (but if you wanna do that go for it).

To be honest, the Raccoon variant is literally just the Unicore variant... with Raccoon. It's probably better, in all honesty, but I find the Synchro build to be a lot more fun and skillful. So take your pick. Mostly it's up to playstyle: Raccoon/Unicore is very much a stun and control build, while Quasar is an all-in "fuck you" build.

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:11 pm

Hm...I'm looking for consistency, so which one would offer more in that aspect?
Asgore Dreemurr
Asgore Dreemurr
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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Valkoor on Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:13 am

Honestly, probably Raccoons.

Raccoons: "You open pretty good with me most the time, and even when you don't, I usually have a decent amount of protection."

Quasar: "Listen you have like a 90% chance of auto-winning with me but if my plays get interrupted or you brick you're about to get fucked so hard you'll feel it in the afterlife."

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by B@TMAN on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:19 pm

good guide but personally here is what i recommend you try or look at doing:
only a small intro is needed for deck guide.
old archetype should be explained and any new support you should explain how it helps the deck.
post the effect of the card in a code box.
do a small skeleton or a sample deck using the cards you used in the guide.
try to explain the different deck builds with purpose of each one.

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:35 pm

I have a question @Valkoor : What do you think of Wrecker Panda? Can it be used in Fabled's or Raccoons? What utility can it have? Where can it be used?
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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Valkoor on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:53 pm

For those of you who have no idea what Ten is talking about:

Wrecker Panda:

Level 2 EARTH Beast-Type Effect Monster
ATK 800
DEF 800
(1) You can pay 500 LP during either Standby Phase; Send the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard. If it was a monster, this card gains 200 ATK and DEF times that monster’s Level.
(2) If this monster is destroyed by your opponent (by battle or by card effect) and sent to the Graveyard: You can add a monster with the lowest Level from your Graveyard to your hand.

In my opinion, the card is pretty trash. While the deck is generally monster-heavy, the card only mills one, meaning its use as a graveyard dump is almost entirely outshined by the Lightsworn engine. It's type, unfortunately, doesn't really make up for that. The recycling effect is actually okay, allowing us to grab back things like Chawa, but it's too slow in a deck like Fabled. All in all, stick this in Raccoons all you want, but keep it far away from Fabled.

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:09 pm

Hold on Valk, the effect is not Once Per Turn. Can we continuously pay the LP cost (or chain to each activation) to mill multiple cards infinitely? I've seen debate on this on DN and DevPro. Apparently it works on dev.
Asgore Dreemurr
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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by B@TMAN on Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:46 am

i dont think it was meant to be more than once per turn. besides its kind of defeats the point of running in fableds.

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by Valkoor on Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:03 am

Even if you can mill more than one, you get one chance to do so, and you have to pay 1500-2000 for a standard Lightsworn mill that ends up being faster than the Raccoon anyway. And those LP are much better served for Chicken Games, Soul Charge, Instant Fusion, and the likes. Plus it's and EARTH, so one of its gimmicks in Lightrays is almost obsolete. So yeah my opinion of it is the same.

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

Post by B@TMAN on Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:36 pm

@Valkoor wrote:Even if you can mill more than one, you get one chance to do so, and you have to pay 1500-2000 for a standard Lightsworn mill that ends up being faster than the Raccoon anyway. And those LP are much better served for Chicken Games, Soul Charge, Instant Fusion, and the likes. Plus it's and EARTH, so one of its gimmicks in Lightrays is almost obsolete. So yeah my opinion of it is the same.
its only good in raccoons. i dont think its great in anything else.

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Re: Valkoor's Fabulous Fabled Guide and Discussion

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