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Alesiara RP info

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Alesiara RP info Empty Alesiara RP info

Post by necruta on Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:09 pm

The country of Alesiara is currently in a golden age, the trade with other countries is going well, most of the inhabitants live somewhat comfortably and there are no wars going on. However a problem arose in the last 5 years, people within the country got special powers, some could use magic, others made deals with other creatures and some just got their powers from themselves. As these powers started to appear, creatures which have never seen before appeared alongside them causing terror and destruction in the country with only the people with powers being able to combat them. After 3 years of combatting the creatures, people grouped together and formed a guild to protect the country. The situation has slowly but surely been stabilised with the help of the guild providing help all over Alesiara, inspiring young minds to join the guild in order to help protecting the country.

Welcome everyone to the new RP for AKA, Alesiara. As you could have read in the small blurb about the roleplay, the characters you are making will be joining the guild which protects the country from supernatural treats so keep that in mind when designing your characters. So let’s go over the basics for this roleplay
You are allowed to play as any race you wish during this roleplay, whether it is an Original Race you made or something you stole from something else doesn't matter. However keep in mind that there are no racial traits in this roleplay.
The powers in this roleplay have been divided into 4 groups so that you can sort of pick a class without  me having to design 50 million different classes just in case someone wanted to play that one particular shadow melt cultist assassin I just happened to not include in the list >_>. The 4 groups of power are: Magic, Spiritual, Fae and Inherent.

While this might not say a lot here is a small explanation of each power and their pros and cons for your character
Magic: Beings which are able to draw power from the mana inside their body and manipulate it into whatever they desire as long as they know how to do it.
Pros: Most starting energy, best burst class and consistent in earning new spells.
Cons: low starting health and highest required energy cost for spells
HP: 30
Energy: 40
Minimum cost: 8

Spiritual: what all of you know from the previous Roleplays. A spirit assists you by lending you a part of its powers.
Pros: none, most balanced source.
Cons: none, most balanced source.
HP: 50
Energy: 15
Minimum cost: 3

Fae: Creatures of trickery, deceit and duality. While they love tricking unsuspecting humanoids into entering their domain, they value someone’s promise very highly. Once a deal has been struck both parties will uphold their end of the bargain otherwise the other party is allowed to claim their side of the deal for free.
Pros: second largest energy pool and second lowest required energy for powers
Cons: hard obtaining new powers and least amount of damage
HP: 40
Energy: 20
Minimum cost: 2

Inherent: Some lucky beings are able to draw power from themselves for their abilities, while this leaves them rather weak afterwards they don’t have to depend on anyone.
Pros: Lowest required energy and easiest method of learning new abilities
Con: Lowest energy pool, weak against other powers.
Minimum cost: 1

All power sources start with the same amount of abilities which is 3.
Damage calculation if an attack lands:
Power=point spent*3
Damage to Spiritual is doubled
Damage to Fae is neutral
Damage to Inherent is halved

Power=points spent*2
Damage to magic: *2
Damage to Fae is neutral
Damage to inherent is neutral

Power=points spent
Damage to magic is neutal
Damage to Spiritual is halved
Damage to inherent is doubled

Power=points spent*3
Damage to magic is doubled
Damage to spiritual is doubled
Damage to Fae is halved

Defense=points spent*3
When defending against Spiritual: points used for magic defense - points used for spiritual attack=total damage
When defending against Fae: points used*1
When defending against inherent: points used*3

Defense=points spent*2
When defending against Magic: points used for spiritual defense - points used for magical attack=total damage
When defending against Fae: points used*0.5
When defending against inherent: points used *3

Defense=Points used
When defending against magic: points used*1
When defending against spiritual: points used*2
When defending against inherent: points used*2

Defense=points used*5
When defending against magic: points used*0.25
When defending against spiritual: points used*0.5
When defending against Fae: points used*2

In combination with these power sources each and every one of you will begin with a skill at level one. As skills grow in level more will become available to do with them. The skills from which you can chose are:

Weapon mastery: With this at level 1 all damage you deal with your weapon will increase by 1, as this skill levels up this number will go up. Besides making your weapon deal more damage it will also unlock other skills like dual wielding. While it is possible to dual wield without it. The second weapon will only deal one third of its normal damage and all special abilities the weapon might have are ignored.

Shield mastery: With this all damage taken while wearing a shield goes down by 1, as this skill levels up this number will go up aswell. Leveling this skill will eventually allow you to use the defense of the weapon as attack

Alchemy: With this skill you can make chemical or magical compounds like black powder or self-lighting torches. The higher this skill gets the more complex things you are able to make.

Blacksmithing: make weapons, armor and all metal things alike with this skill. The higher the skill, the more complex and exotic things you will be able to smith

Brewing Potions: tired of spending your hard earned gold for potions, why not make your own. While not being able to recognise the required herbs in the woods, once they are shown you will recognise them and in what potion they should go.

Crafting: oooh shiny things!

Enchanting: the art of engraving special abilities on items, while at first you might not be able to do much, making a sword a bit sharper at best in the later stages it could be possible to create masterpieces like Excalibur.

Fletching: An essential skill for an archer, making arrows and bows will greatly reduce the cost for an archer and in time the products created might even surpass the ones sold in stores.

Herbology: being able to recognise which herbs are eatable and which are deadly can be a great asset as some herbs have healing properties on their own.

Identifying: Ever found an object and wondered what it was or what it could do? Well with this skill you don't have to anymore.

Mining: While boring, it is essential and a good source of income as ores are always in demand thus this skill could become a steady income.

Toxology: Being able to recognise which herbs are used in toxins and how to make said toxins. While it often is frowned upon, with the results can’t be argued.

Character template:
Make a seperate treat with your character where the topic is your character's name.

Full name:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Face Claim:
Positive character traits:
Negative character traits:
Background story:
Include at least
How did your character get their power
why did your character decided to join the guild

Ability/power sheet
Power source:
Being granting power, for spiritual and Fae:

And for the ability sheet, too:


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Alesiara RP info Empty Re: Alesiara RP info

Post by necruta on Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:23 pm

Updated skills. health, energy and minimum cost for power sources and how damage/defense is calculated

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Alesiara RP info Empty Re: Alesiara RP info

Post by necruta on Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:17 pm

Examples abilities
Name: Fireball
Source: magic
Cost: 8 energy
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: throw a spicy fireball

Name: Frost barrier
Source: magic
Cost: 12 energy
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: Create a ice shield to protect from incoming attacks.

Name: Umbra Weapon
Source: spirit
Cost: 3 energy
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: Cloaks the weapon in darkness for 5 posts causing the damage the weapon deals to be treated as spiritual

Name: Blizzard cloak
Cost: 10 energy
Source: spirit
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Creates a snow barrier of worth 10 spiritual energy around you and an ally

Name: Pixie ring
Source: Fae
Cost: 2 energy
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown 10 posts
Use either on an ally or enemy
If cast on an ally it either gives them a shield which absorbs the next 10 damage or will boost their next damage by 5 points
If cast on an enemy and it hits the enemy will be stuck in place during the next post and for the other 4 posts their total damage output is deduced by 3

Name: Distortion javelin
Source: Fae
Cost: 20 points and wielding a spear type weapon
Duration 1 post
C/D: 15 posts
Throw a spear infused with a lot of Fae energy, if the spear hits someone during their next post they will experience heavy hallucinations and disorientation and everything they attempt to do or were preparing to do in that post will be canceled.

Name: Hysomaba
Source: inherent
Cost: 3
Duration: 8 posts
Cooldown: 15 posts
Gathers one's energy into a dense concentration of energy for the next 8 posts allowing the caster to make 2 actions per post. This energy can be fired at the opponent which ends the buff and the fireball's base damage is 20. After the buff expires the caster is unable to make any actions until this ability is off cooldown

Name: Empty eyes
Source: inherent
Cost: 1 point per post as long as the target is within sight.
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
As long as a single person is within the user's eye sight their powers will be nullified as long as the cost of the skill can be payed.

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Alesiara RP info Empty Re: Alesiara RP info

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