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Sharrkan Mutasvi

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Sharrkan Mutasvi

Post by Trini on Mon May 08, 2017 2:15 am

Full name: Sharrkan Mutasvi
Age: 22
Height: 6'4
Weight: 182
Hair color: White
Eye color: Green
Face Claim:
Positive character traits: Sympathetic, sense of humor, kind
Negative character traits: Hates confrontation, head in the clouds to often, can get carried away.
Likes: The Ocean,
Dislikes: Those who force their beliefs on others
Fears: Confrontation with his people
Aspirations: To make make his name known throughout the world in a way different from what his people normally do.

Background: Sharrkan was born in the middle of the ocean in a chain of islands which were inhabited by those known as the Dutu. The waters they were surrounded by were rumored to be inhabited by legendary sea monsters, however it was also rumored the very first settlers who came across the islands were met by mermaids which granted them protection making them "invisible to the monsters" and granting them the abilities to control the sea, the raging winds, and the lighting that marked the sky to protect themselves in the unpredictable area. Sharrkan was born to the 12th generation of Dutu. In their culture the Dutu had 3 chiefs. These Chiefs, unlike majority of the Dutu who could control all 3 aspects, could only control 1 of them, however the extent in which they could control the aspect was far beyond what any normal Dutu could accomplish. Those who had an aptitude for wind, when trained, could make powerful typhoons (so powerful it would make hurricane Katrina look like a gentle breeze) Those with an aptitude for water could generate extremely powerful tsunamis (would make the Indian ocean tsunami look like light rain) and those in lightning could generate lighting so powerful it could make the ocean bubble.    
Sharrkan was born during the time the seat of the lightning chief was void. Dutu start to show signs of their power at puberty, however when sharrkan was 13 he could not generate a small wave, a spark, and let alone a gentle breeze. 3 years passed and by that time Sharrkan and his parents had decided he did not possess any powers, and instead of finding his place in society as one that could control weather, he set out to become the only thing that could satisfy his thirst for adventure and excitement he adopted when growing up as a way to compensate for his normalcy. He became a Storm Rider, a warrior that navigates small boats in the outer layer of the islands where the weather is the worst in order to collect food. Those waters were wild and extremely hard to control, in addition small to large beasts lurked in the depths.    
One day as Sharrkan was sent on to scout the conditions of the outer border a melodic voice caught his attention. It was extremely feminine and hypnotic. Sharrkan would soon fall into the water only to quickly regain himself in the arms of what looked like a woman, however she had black scales on her face and gray skin. She stroked his face while still singing. Sharrkan wanted to talk but nothing came out. The women leaned onto Sharrkan kissing him. As she did black branch patterns marks started to spread from Sharrkan’s mouth covering his face. His eyes rolled back as he went limp.She broke her lips away from his as he seemed to be out cold. "May the pure white lightning that stains the sky turn black" she whispered as she stroked his cheek. The lady let go of Sharrkan  and let him float in the ocean setting him adrift back to the island shore. Soon Sharrkan was found by a village member, his body still limp and the black marks still on his face. The Dutu brought him to the village doctors who tried many things.... however none working. After many trials and failures they resorted to one last option. They gathered the tribes best lightning wielders and made them charge electricity and cast it upon his body as a means to jump start his heart. When they all gathered the electricity and released it upon him the electricity was quickly absorbed into his body shortly followed by a discharge, However unlike the power used on him, all the lightning wielders were on the ground twitching as black electricity coursed around their body. When looking at Sharrkan the branch pattern was gone and eyes glowing black with the same electricity coursing around him, however his body was still. When the episodes were over it was found all those gathered to discharge electricity could either not wielded their power anymore, or it was rendered extremely weak.  
      Two years past and it was found that Sharrkan had awakened the ability to wield lightning, however his powers had seemed to emerge at a later stage..though that is what he led his people to believe, for the past 2 years he had kept the information of the mysterious women to himself. Many in the village were either afraid or fascinated by the nature of the black lightning Sharrkan could wield. Due to the past practices it was decided Sharrkan would be a chief of the village when he would come of age (25) the black lightning  being even more of a  reinforcement for his qualification. Since the last episode that left 8 of the villages best lighting wielders handicapped it was decided he would start his training for chief status immediately. Over those two years Sharrkan would abandon his free spirited lifestyle for one of discipline, studying and training to harness his newfound powers. Aside from his black lightnings odd ability to disrupt the ability of many other users, wind, and water, the lighting acted the same as the far as they  new. The drastic shift of lifestyles did not sit well with Sharrkan, he would at times sneak off or try and skip sessions to stare at the ocean or ride into the storms once more to meet the women once again. However his parents and the village leaders decided against it. They kept telling him how proud, and what an honor it would be for this family and the village if he became a chief. "He would amount to something by taking his rightful place". When Sharrkan turned 19 he had had enough of his people opposing what they wanted onto him. The constant training and scheduled sessions did not vibe with him well,and deep down the idea of leading his people scared him, to him he was just a kid that wanted to be free.
     One night Sharrkan snuck out in the dead of night stealing a  storm rider boat. On his back was a bag of small supplies.He decided he couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to be free again, and the only way that would happen was outside the confines of the islands. Sharrkan moved the boat towards the waters and set sail. With the knowledge he had gained sailing through the rough waters of the outer boundaries was easy. For about a week Sharrkan drifted in the open waters rationing his food. One cold night as he was asleep his boat washed upon a shore. He was tossed onto the sandy beach abruptly waking him up. For the next 4 years Sharrkan would wander lands alone meeting many people, friendly and hostile. Given his training he could handle himself for the most part, but self taught himself many others. Sharrkan had yet to master his own powers but tried his best to understand them. Sharrkan kept wandering around aimlessly not knowing what to do, hoping one place to another. One day as he was traveling along a dirt path he came across a blacksmith being threatened by a group of bandits. Sharrkan took it upon himself to help them man.After a few punches and magic blasts were thrown Sharrkan emerged victorious with only a couple of bruises and a bloody lip. The blacksmith thanked him even giving him a black steel sword as a reward. The man bowed before him as he presented it to him "You must be a guild wizard, thank you for saving me" Sharrkan looked confusingly at the man "A guild what?" after a few exchange of words the man explained to Sharrkan what a guild was and the people that were apart. "People Make themselves something there you know." When the man said that Sharrkan instantly knew. He asked for directions and how far the best guild was. With the new found information he would set out the next year travelling to the guild where he planned to join and make a name for himself outside of being a chief.

Skill: Enchanting
Power source: Fae

Name:Black lightning
Cost: 2
Range: N/A
Duration: 5 posts
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: Sharrkkan can manipulate his lighting creating a basic weapon and utilize it offensively

Name: Black Discharge
Cost: 8
Range: 10 meters
Duration: 3 posts  
Cool-down: 10 Posts
Description: Sharrkan lets out a discharge of black lighting in a dome shape around charging everyone hit by it with black electricity. Things hit by this will have their movements greatly impaired and their attacks will do 1 less damage. If a person is in within 2 meters of Sharrkan when this ability is cast they will lose the ability to spend any type of power for 3 posts. Discharge does 3 damage to Sharrkan himself

Name: Intangible
Cost: 4 per post
Range: N/A
Duration: As long as he has energy
Cool-down: 1 post
Description: Sharrkan can mimic black lighting turning into it himself. Allowing himself to be unharmed by physical attacks and allowing him to move at high speeds.

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Re: Sharrkan Mutasvi

Post by necruta on Mon May 08, 2017 10:12 am

With the small changes I made, Accepted.

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