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Make a Ban Appeal!

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Make a Ban Appeal!

Post by MetsRule97 on Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:42 am

Make a Ban Appeal!

Hello Guest, if you are looking at this, you're most likely looking to appeal that ban you just earned yourself(or neither, that works too)! So, just follow these instructions and pointers and you'll be on your very first steps to attempt to get your ban appealed! Also, not following directions will make you look like you don't really want to be unbanned, and will lead to your appeal being denied.

When you make your thread, title it "Guest's Ban Appeal" and fill in the following application. Once you do that, do not talk about your appeal with anyone else, and just wait, and hopefully we will get back to you quickly!
[b]Why you feel you should be unbanned?[/b]
[b]Evidence of Innocence.[/b]

A tip on getting evidence is to use programs like Lightshot, Gyazo, or the Imgur Google Chrome Extension to get screenshots! These screenshots can be used to show evidence from chat or elsewhere. If evidence is faked your appeal will most likely be denied and will be dealt with as a separate offense.

If someone makes a ban appeal against a user, you can post on that ban appeal if you fit the following criteria. If you do not follow any of the criteria below, you cannot post on that thread, and will be dealt with.

  • The Original Poster
  • Witness or directly involved with the appeal
  • Staff member handling and completing the appeal


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