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AKA Update 4: HUGE Testing Update

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AKA Update 4: HUGE Testing Update

Post by Alisae on Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:38 am

Hello everyone! It's been a bit, but that's okay, because we have a TON of new things for everyone! So let's jump straight in, because we got a lot to cover.

First, we would like to welcome @Master Marcus To the staff team. We all know he will be a lovely addition to the team, and hopefully he produces great results!

Speaking about staff, staff teams are now officially gone. Meaning that the current staff groups post will just say who is currently what.

We now have a new menu widget! Let's thank @White Rose Dragon for him talking to people for him to get this for me. Cause this is menu is honestly beautiful and genius.

For newer users, or for those who are not logged in, we now have a log in pop-up that just briefly describes the forum. And I darkened the Jack Yellow color a bit. Trust me, no one is going to notice the difference after a few days nor care. Wink

And lastly, we have a completely new rubric! With our testing it was very loose with what decks the testers could or could not use, and how they graded. We're going to be making sure our testers put more effort into their test results, and now play dumb decks! As well, singles have been cut from the test completely. Make sure you read all about it here:

And here is one thing I would like to remind people. We have rules for the arena. Rules that state you cannot fight someone two times in a row or more. Rules that state if you lose to someone who has a ladder point, they LOSE a ladder point for losing a match duel. So we're going to be enforcing these rules way more strictly then we have been.

And I think thats everything. Look out for another awesome event, and a recruiting event to be posted very soon.
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