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Wonderland: Alisae Rose

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Wonderland: Alisae Rose

Post by Alisae on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:04 am

Full name: Alisae Rose
Gender: F
Species: Human
Age: 16
Religion: None
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Face Claim: The colors of the outfit are inverses.
Special Traits: Her Umbrellas talk

Personality: Alisae appears as a calm and shy girl. She does not talk a lot if at all and has a seemingly bored look in her eyes. She loves her brother deeply. She cries, and she isn't shocked by corpses or blood. Around black people, she tries to fit in, but is unintentionally racist.

The Gift:

Background: Alisae was the second born child of Jaden and Sasha Rose, growing up she seemed to look up to her big brother. She hanged out with her brother's friends, follow her brother's footsteps. However, she's very shy, unlike her big brother. So Katz forced her into some fun activities every now and then, and she enjoyed it. So eventually, she began to get comfortable around Katz's friends.

Mater of fact, one day when Katz and his friends were playing hide and seek in the woods, no one found Alisae. Alisae then began to think that her friends ditched her, and so she tried to find her friends. What she ended up finding instead was a weird yellow creature ( ), hanging around a mansion. Then there were millions of them, and next thing Alisae knew, she found herself in a dungeon with 2 pairs of umbrellas. These umbrellas were created by these weird, yellow, pedophile-like creatures. They could talk and be used in ways that Alisae herself can still not comprehend. The reason why they could be so socially awkward, and have the personalities that they have is maybe because they were created from these weird yellow creatures. At the time, they lacked names.

With that said, she snapped, and used the umbrellas to escape the weird mansion, and kill the whole race (and even when she did that, after she left the race still existed. One of many life's mysteries). She managed to find her way back home, but she ended up losing the umbrellas. At least, she believed she lost the umbrellas at the time. Everyone was worried sick about her. But after this day, it was life the umbrellas became one with her. No one could notice a change in Alisae, but they were definitely apart of her.

Later in life, Sasha was kidnapped. Then later, Jaden and then Katz, and of course, herself. The kidnappers treated them horribly. It got to it's peak when while Jaden was appearing to be being burnt alive and Sasha was raped and killed in front of Jaden, that Alisae snapped. When she snapped, she found her tools of destruction, her umbrellas, in her hands again. Katz fainted from the shock, and Alisae saved and killed everyone she could. She tried to save Jaden, but she does not know if Jaden made it out alive to this day. Once she escaped, the umbrellas became one with her again. Before that she named her umbrellas Rosae and Sae.

She thought it would be easier to tell Katz that both Sasha and Jaden died. She was dead wrong, as Katz suffered greatly from the loss of both of their parents. Alisae herself got over it, but she couldn't find any way to support her brother. She continued to do what she could, and be with her friends, practice using the umbrellas, but substituting the umbrellas with umbrellas that were not her special umbrellas. She didn't get much out of it, as it really wasn't the real thing and the umbrellas would break.
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Re: Wonderland: Alisae Rose

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:15 pm

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