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Wonderland: Alan

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Wonderland: Alan

Post by YoungX on Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:27 pm


Full name: Alan

Gender: Male

Species: Spirit (Basically dead, but still lives within in his own body)
Age: Deceased (Died at age 21)


Height: 5'9

Weight: 145 lb

Hair color: Black with brown stripes

Eye color: Brown

Face Claim:

Special Traits: Is already dead, but still lives as a spirit which manifests in his own deceased body keeping it functional. He is able to completely die if his soul is destroyed. This can be done by destroying his host body which will sever the connection between the soul and host. Despite being a soul, his physical body needs sustenance to survive from either food or absorbing souls.

Personality: Alan is calm and is able to read a situation even when under pressure. He however tends to overlook matters that seem trivial or unimportant to him which can lead to his downfall at times. He is known to get angry, however he will not show it and will often bottle his emotions inside which can lead him being a little unstable at times.

The Gift:

Background: Alan grew up under a family of well-known scientists. His mother and father had extraordinary achievements in psychics and biology. As a child, he would often revere them and always dreamt to be a scientist like them one day. His childhood involved him always visiting his parent’s workplace and observing their research and experiments. Because of this he never interacted with others his age and only spoke with those affiliated with his parents. Alan often spent his time in the house reading on college science textbooks and encyclopedias. During his adolescent youth, he was known as a prodigy in both physics and biology, just like his parents. He worked with his parents on numerous occasions and received various awards. On his 19st birthday, Alan and his parents were researching a person’s biological state after death, instead of celebrating his birthday. They were curious as to whether or not a person’s “soul” manifests after death and lives on. The research was slow, but eventually they discovered that when living beings die their life essence, AKA their “soul,” leaves their body and dissipates to a world beyond understanding. Apparently “souls” can be harvested before dissipating and can be injected into any living organism that can contain it. All “souls” are unique and come in different sizes. Any living thing, whether dead or alive, can become a host if it can contain a specific “soul.” With this knowledge in hand, they created a sort of container to store any soul into it to be used for later use. This results from the research caught the attention of the government who was interested in using souls for military use. They paid Alan and his family a very generous stipend on the condition that they research souls even further and produce weapons with them. Realizing the opportunity, they accepted and began working on a line of soul weaponry that would take about two years until they had a working weapon. Alan’s 21st birthday had arrived and at that time they were going to test the weapon’s capabilities. Alan himself volunteered to test the weapon and his parents while a little hesitant, accepted. This weapon is not particularly a weapon rather it is a device that creates weapons. The user wears it on his arm and inserts an eye-shaped object which holds a soul. With the eye inserted, then a weapon is generated from the device based upon the soul. Alan followed the procedure and inserted in a random soul. As he did however a influx of energy came from it and went haywire. It resulted in the entire testing facility to be blown up killing everyone inside including Alan and his parents. However Alan had survived by managing to insert his own soul within the soul storage device and lived on as a spirit. His body was no where to be seen, most likely destroyed from the explosion. The soul storage allowed him to project himself as a living being and look the same as he did before he died. He found himself alive, but alone as his parents were gone forever. He could not even find their souls as they were no where to be seen. There was a feeling of emptiness, but Alan showed no remorse and lived his life wandering the planet. If anyone got in his way, he would attack them without second thought.

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