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[TAoB] Yayoi Takayuki

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[TAoB] Yayoi Takayuki

Post by Jet Valentine on Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:31 pm

Name: (Do I really... I mean, you just clicked on it...) Yayoi Takayuki

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Personality: Yayoi is a playful fellow at heart, with no understanding of seriousness, and no selfishness, he's a caring fellow sometimes, and is as brave as brave comes, he is always keen to say hello.

Background: Yayoi is the youngest of his 5 brothers and 2 sisters, which lead him to be spoiled in his upbringing, he's a music lover, and an artist, as well, he paints almost everything and sings most anything he hears, he was the only kid in his house to have a room of his own, yet his brothers and sisters didn't care, they also spoiled him.

Yayoi was raised in a city, he lived there for most his life and studied art and music at a prvt. school, where he learned about some card game, named Duel Monsters, which he took a certain liking after playing with some kids on his school.

He heard of an academy, and, being so spoiled, his parents said he could go, at the cost of him still becoming an artist when he grew up, and soon after, the goodbye party was thrown for him.

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Re: [TAoB] Yayoi Takayuki

Post by necruta on Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:44 pm


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