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[TAoB] Allison Rose

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[TAoB] Allison Rose

Post by Valkoor on Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:42 pm

Name: Allison Rose

Gender: Hermaphrodite

Age: 14

Appearance: Allison is 5'4" and very pale, skin practically snow-white. Her hair is a drastic contrast to this, jet-black and down to the midde of her back. Piercing, emerald-green eyes sit perfectly on her face, with a cute button nose between them and lush lips below that. Her frame is slender, and large C-cup breasts sit high on her chest. She's often seen wearing a thick sweater or loose jeans/sweatpants, to hide her "secret".

Personality: Allison is excessively shy and self-conscious, often going out of her way to make sure she isn't noticed. Between a low self esteem and secret she wants to keep, she's often seen sitting alone at lunch, reading, drawing, doing homework, or really anything else but socializing. When she is forced to talk to others, she's rather rushed with her speaking, in hopes of ending the conversation quickly. There are very few times when she gets into a talk, but when she does, she begins to perk up, often very passionate about anything she herself enjoys, and intently interested in the hobbies of others.

Backstory: Allison has been a hermaphrodite since birth, and both parents were ashamed to have a child with what they called a "defect". Eventually Allison herself took on the same view of herself, quickly becoming scared of others' views of her and self-conscious. This rather poor mental state was advanced when a few kids in her elementary school managed to figure out her secret when they pranked her in the bathroom, and resulted in what was essentially school-wide shunning of her. After her parents moved due to their own perverse shame of their child, Allison was unable to even talk to people any more, afraid that the same thing may happen again. With the advent of Duel Monsters, however, Allison saw a new hope for her. This rising game, something everyone seemed to enjoy and respect, may give her the confidence and skill she needed to push on in life. After presenting her case to her parents, they eventually caved in, sharing many of the same views as her. Through extensive savings and work, they finally managed to get her into Alpha Knight Academy, and she now attends school with a vision of, above all else, gaining respect from herself, her peers, and her parents.

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Re: [TAoB] Allison Rose

Post by necruta on Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:50 pm


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