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[TAoB] Green Witch

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[TAoB] Green Witch

Post by Firebreath on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:29 pm

Name: Green Witch
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: A small looking kid with messy blue hair. He usually wears jeans, a striped shirt yellow and blue, and a black jacket. His eyes are crimson blue with a tint of green.

Personality: He likes adventures, but he sticks to his own morals, usually not falling something that he is against unless really pushed into it. He is up to try new things but he usually has his own goal most of this time, or has something to get, so for example he wants this he gets that in some way, and when he has nothing he just gets lost in his own imagination or study things.

Backstory: Raised up by a loving family, his parents and his brother. Jason was born in a small city town, and lived there for about 7 years before he moved out into the suburbs where he will be raised up in until 18. (When AKA is done he will go back) School wasn't really a great importance to him as he didn't really get the point of it. Failing most of his classes except for the ones he likes, he had a knack for learning things just was too lazy to listen. Nearing the end of middle school he started to grow hair in other parts of his body other than the top of his head. As he entered high school he started to get a better look at the world around him and understand things much more clearly. Now he is in his sophomore year, just getting into this new yugioh thing, it was something that really interested him, and he was really good at it after practice.

Starter deck:
Give me Forest Ambush

And if that is taken give me something that isn't Firebreath, give me something that is more soft and calming, so like mythic rage, lol no. Weapons of Legend is good, Mischievous Minds is also a go. Eternal Life is good too. XD. Love u Nec.

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Re: [TAoB] Green Witch

Post by necruta on Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:04 am


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